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Starting and ending Fresh eyes

After spending 3 months in the Green Village Nepal, Manisha is sharing her thoughts and fresh feelings about her fruitful and exciting mission as a coach

Manisha Chapagain

Already 3 months as a coach, and here's my LP4Y Journey experiences

After completing my master's degree, I was looking for a job that would allow me to contribute back to my community. Fortunately, I came across a vacancy available at LP4Y. When I spotted an opening for a coach position, I was immediately intrigued and interested in applying. Despite being an introvert, my passion towards serving people has led me to where I am today, as a Catalyst. Making an impact on even a single person or single life is really important to me, but LP4Y allows me to be that facilitator for dozens of Youth. What could be more gratifying than that?

I began my Mission as a coach in February 2022, and there is no turning back now.

Every day is a process of learning, relearning, and unlearning.

I still remember when I first stepped foot on GV Godawari territory during Welcome Weeks, I had inexplicable feelings. Because, despite being in my mid-twenties and a progressive conservative Nepali woman, being apart from my own family was proving to be quite challenging for me. However, despite the fact that each human has hundreds of shades, the naïve Manisha is only one of them. Beneath that naivety, there are others shades too, which were initially shadowed. But now, three months into my endeavor, I've already unveiled and revealed my various hues.

In a nutshell, my LP4Y journey all started with Batch 13. And witnessing their improvement and growth has immensely helped me in understanding how people may acquire and master their personalities when they are hungry and enthusiastic to overcome their flaws. Not only have the Youth evolved in the previous three months, but I have as well, I evolved, I fostered. This reciprocal link between Youth and catalysts tells me that by working together, we may overcome our pitfalls, weaknesses and flaws. Also, the energetic Youth of GV center, at times they knock my mind, at times they unleash and unlock my mind, at times I feel superior, at times I feel lost, at times I become clueless, but above all, they are constantly helping to make me realize that we must ‘act locally and think globally’. Therefore, I am more convinced than ever that the bottom-up approach is the way to go. Hence, they (the Youth) serve as a resource for broadening my horizons of knowledge.

In truth, the three-month period is also a constant discovering and planning for a better, & greater tomorrow. So I consider myself fortunate every day since I work with the best co-catalysts.

And, I am grateful to wake up every day to the landscape of Godawari's Green Village which is beautiful, and refreshing.

Green Village team


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