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Stars in the Howrah sky!

Rohit Gupta, 19yo, Stars

Treasuer Stars Club

Runa Naskar Mondal, 24 yo, Stars

President of the Stars Club

Aniket Singh, 21yo, Stars

Kajal Shaw, 20 y.o, Stars


"Hello everyone,1 year before we opened Howrah center and after 1 year finally we opened a Stars club group. On Friday 17th, July 2020 in this group we are the first 5 members of the Stars Club. Runa Naskar Mondal, Aniket Singh, Kajal Shaw, Rohit Gupta, Tapasi Nath. Before that day we came in the center, on Wednesday 15th, July 2020, we did a meeting with coaches to organise what to do and what we need to purchase and who is doing what on the D-day. This is how we anticipate an event! On 17th of July, we came to the center at 5 pm for decoration and at 6pm the ceremony started. During that time everybody learned what a Stars Club is, also we did a motivational speech to explain why we are motivated to join the Stars Club. And we have graduation on that time after the graduation we have election time to elect the people for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. This day we only elected 2 persons : Runa Naskar as a President and Rohit Gupta as a Treasurer. After elections we had a little dinner party and after we came back home with our new polo and our certificate of membership and full of new challenges in LP4Y that we will face together. "


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