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Solidarity through SPORT!

Pierrick Dano

Manager of Sports-Village in Vannes, France

Payatas Sports team

Maritoni Itable, 22 yo, Responsibility Step, LPC Payatas, Manila, Philippines

My generation has a great responsibility in the social, economic and ecological situations of OUR PLANET. I have always felt the need to be connected to people from different backgrounds.

SPORT, which I know and love, as a practitioner and as a business manager, is the mean that I have used the most to SHARE and TRANSMIT values and experiences. Today again, sport allows me to participate very modestly in the actions of LP4Y.

I got to know LP4Y, through Pierre-Marie BUFFE, a very close friend of our. Having learned about his work and his professional project with LP4Y, which I discovered through him, I wished to make a donation in the spring of 2020. I was convinced by the values ​​and commitments of LP4Y.

Indeed, LP4Y brings together all the qualities of a modern NGO adapted to the 21st century: it supports the inclusion of young people from poor backgrounds by giving them the minimum of help and means to enable them to use their strength and talents. LP4Y’s approach appeals to the responsibility, initiative and imagination of these young people. Support people are accelerators, but the energy comes from these young people.

Contributors and partners thus have the joy of participating in the blossoming of future creators and leaders of activities that will reflect on the communities from which these young people come from.

My participation aims to help the support program "PAYATA Sport" in Manila, through small transfers of experiences and testimonies. Our first action consisted in making, with the help of Pierre Marie BUFFE, short tutorial videos in which I presented Sports-Village, its functioning and gave some advice to support the “PAYATA Sport” team to improve their program and offers to their community. We decided commonly with the Coaches of PayataSport the interesting topics for the Youth, focussing on the communication and organization of the activity:

These videos launched an interactive exchange with the Youth. This first experience will continue with the support of the Sports-Village team, which will respond to the different requests for support and advices from PAYATA Sport. A further step in this partnership will be to invite our Sports-Village member clubs in France, who practice the sports offered by PAYATA, to create contacts with the Youth and share experiences and knowledge with each, by exchanging interactive videos. As Sports-Village deeply believes in the power of solidarity and cooperation, we see this partnership as a concrete engagement.

Thanks to LP4Y I discovered another way of expressing my solidarity by connecting natural compassion to the effectiveness of a program that aims at autonomy. I see in this experience a new reason for hope and to act with optimism!


Pierrick DANO, Manager of Sports-Village, Vannes, France. A dedicated platform to the benefit of sports clubs and its members.

Pessimism is in the mood! Optimism is the will!

(Alain, French philosopher 1868-1951)

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