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My experience with LP4Y

Vũ Sơn Quân

Revival Program

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hello everyone,

I am Quân, I am 23 years old and I am living in Gò Vấp District.

Before I joined the LP4Y center, I studied at the university but the economy of my family was not enough and I realized I did not want to study. So I decided to work at a restaurant for over 1 year and I acquired a lot of experiences about service. After a long time working there, I realized that I needed to change my life. I could not continue while I did not have a stable job. It was just a temporary job to earn money for my daily life and support my family.


I decided to join the LP4Y center when my friend told me that LP4Y will help me to change my life. I trust him without any doubt. It is true, I could not believe everything I was seeing. That was better than I thought. Everything was good and my life changed from that. I joined a special team. It is Revival team. The meaning of the Revival team is Rebirth, recycling wood and making handmade products from it. I learned a lot of things from the team : proactive, attitude, teamwork, creative, carefull, calm down, responsible, collaboration, mindset, manage, organize work, design, behave.

But everything is not easy, I needed to overcome it all. Because it was the first step in my life to change. It was hard to hear English when they were speaking, when I did not know how to make products from wood. I was scared when I had to stand in front of people to present my presentation because I have a disease and fear crowds, it was the hardest I had to overcome. After 5 months, I could hear 70% of conversations and speeches of the coach about a lot of topics and to help me to be more professional. I could learn English, computer skills, how to write a professional email, how to make a professional resume, how to make a product from recycled wood. I was feeling more confident when LP4Y center organized events for Youth to sell products from the Revival team to customers.

My team and coaches helped me a lot and everything I tell is the truth. I can not imagine that I can speak English and do a lot of things I ever do. The center creates a professional environment for Youth to discover the whole world.

After 9 months in the center, it was time to say goodbye because my PTE was finished. I have been able to find a job with support from the center.

Now, I have a job. I am a Human Resources Officer. LP4Y volunteers had a meeting with the HR Manager from the company Expeditors, which is a partner of LP4Y. So, I had the opportunity to pass an interview and they told me I will start work at Expeditors. You know what? When they told me that I can work at the company Expeditors, I felt so happy and I thought that my life was about to change in the near future. I work there over 2 months and I learn a lot of things about HR. I am so happy because now I have a stable job. I am really proud of myself.

I want to thank all the coaches and Revival team with gratitude for helping me in the past. All you are so kind. I hope all of you will be happy like me and will have a good life in the future.

Take care!



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