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My experience in the Green Village Raipur.

Raviraj Verma, 24 years old,

Batch #3, Green Village Raipur, India

My greetings to all the Coaches, stars and my dear LP4Y friends. Today I am sharing my LP4Y Green Village experience with all of you. I am glad that I became part of LP4Y and I am with you. So, I belong to a middle class family. Before coming to LP4Y I studied until 10th, then I should go to work due to financial issues in my home, I worked in a small grocery store where I was paid Rs.3000 by month (less than half of the minimum salary). So, on that way, I used to give some help to my family, but looking at the future, I felt that my future in the grocery store was not going to happen. So, I started working on the another place, called Ellery, I was a housekeeper. I said yes to this work because maybe my future could be made. After a few days, I came to know about LP4Y from one of my friend. I got the information about how LP4Y works and what I am going to get by joining them. Then, I was feeling confident about it so, I came home and asked for permission from my family. Then, I came to LP4Y in the Green Village Raipur, I got immediately new friends and I met the coaches. I got such good information and knowledge in the first week itself, I was very happy. After, we had to create our companies, there were 7 companies in which I had to choose one. So I chose AJA KHAJA, the restaurant company. I wanted to be cooking manager so I proposed myself and I got elected by the team. Being cooking manager, I learned how to manage the restaurant, to prepare the menu, to receive complains, how to serve our customers... Also, how to connect with the customers and keep them satisfied. In AJA KHAJA, ​​I also got a great team and it had resulted until now in an incredible friendship. While living in LP4Y, I experienced so many challenges and changes in my life. It was not easy, so I shared with Gaelle coach, she helped me in dealing with those problems. I consider now the Green Village really as my second family. Whatever I am today, I only thanks to the Green Village. Now I have a bike that I bought after my training in LP4Y with the salary of my job. I want to thank LP4Y from the bottom of my heart, who has made me reach this, I stand on my own, thanks LP4Y and the GREEN VILLAGE family.



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