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Motivated !

Shabana Shaikh, 22 yo, Autonomy Step

LPC Malwani, Mumbai, India

Respected Coaches and dear friends, I am Shabana Shaikh, I work in Finance department.

I want to start my speech with a question : how did I land in LP4Y ?

The answer is very simple. It is because of my desire, or you can say hunger, to improve my English and also to learn some basics of computer. In fact some section of people speak fluent English but there are some section of people like me who has desire to speak English fluently but has lack of confidence and no idea how to use the words in proper order to form sentences. But the hunger to improve landed me here. If I honestly tell you all how my first day in the center was, it was not good at all. Whatever our coaches were telling, those things were just revolving around my head but I didn’t get anything. That was my first day experience, we all know every brain is different but today I am just sharing my own experience, observation and understanding in my own words.

Next day I didn’t stop, I attended all the classes and the process kept going on. Gradually I learnt how to convert complex things into simple ones. That was the beginning of my learning, or you can say that step was the autonomy step at chich you start learning related about your stuffs with time. I keep on improving and our Coaches also noticed that improvement and they felt that I am reliable so they promoted me to enter in the next step which is responsibility.

If I reached that step it doesn’t mean I conquered my target because my target is still and it’s my challenge, to speak English fluently, so guys what do you think about it ?

Were this possible without any guidance ? The answer is no. It becomes possible only because of our Coaches, who guided me, supported me and helped me to clear my doubts for their dedication to work and support. I want to salute them and and I want to thank you to all our Coaches from the deep of my heart. At the end I want to say nothing is impossible, have patience, believe in yourself and keep alive the hunger of learning then impossible will say I am possible. Thank you Coaches and thank you all for hearing my long speech.



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