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Making a difference

Paul Tongson, School Manager at the Asian Institute of Management, shares his insights on LP4Y action in the Philippines!

Paul Tongson, Asian Institute of Management

Metro Manila, Philippines

I've always believed in the importance of giving back and of making a difference in the lives of others. That's why I am truly happy to have come across Life Project for Youth. Not only do they make a difference in the lives of Filipino youth, but they do so with compassion, commitment, and competence.

I am truly impressed with their pedagogy and their overall approach to societal development. It is truly admirable how they are able to equip the excluded with the necessary tools to make it in the world of work, and in life in general.

The LP4Y team is simply amazing. They tirelessly work to educate, care for, and advocate for the Youth. This is evident with how motivated, respectful, and curious to learn the Youth I've had the chance to meet were. Their progress under the organisation's stewardship is admirable.

Last November, I had the pleasure of attending the LP4Y online meeting where the organisation presented updates to partners. Amidst the pandemic, LP4Y did not waver in their mission to help their beneficiaries; in fact, they stepped up the assistance even more, recognising the fact that those under their stewardship are some of the most affected by the abrupt quarantine, which affected livelihoods.

Through the meeting, I also learned other ways through which interested partners can work together with LP4Y to create further impact - whether it be to provide financial support, internship and work opportunities to LP4Y graduates, or to volunteer one's time and talent by helping to train the youth.

I look forward to continuing my work as an LP4Y volunteer, providing training via communication skills workshops and conducting mock interviews. I hope that in my own way, I am able to make an impact in these Youth's lives.

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