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Inspiring Poems

Paing Soe Thu, LPC Hlaing Thar Yar, Myanmar

When I’m at home, I love to read a book, and to study the evolution of humans and the environment. Sometimes I like to write poems about it. Here are 2 inspiring poems that my coach really liked! She thinks it can inspire other Youth!

  • I wrote down my thoughts-

Do not feel that you have failed miserably in life

If you keep trying, you will surely succeed

If only I could get the job done today

The next day you will be able to enjoy work without heat

It is the businessman's job to get rice and oil

He works hard for You but he also has to pay a lot of money

If both sides work hand in hand,

They can look forward to a long-term partnership

Be thankful for education in your life

It will guide you to come up with good ideas

Read in your spare time

We need to study after school

  • Love the forest and the trees-

Trees are being replaced by modern buildings

It takes years for a tree to grow, and it takes about an hour to cut it down.

In a developing country, over time, the landscape becomes a desert of concrete and towers.

Trees no longer cast their shadows for the people.

It is not easy to find a tree on a road.

The trees were lost due to the pillage of the forests to build overcrowded houses, dormitories and line rooms

In my country, if you want to see a tree, you have to go to the Yoma forest

It is far from my home. I am frustrated. If I want to see trees for the future, I need to plant them now!

The coolness, in the shadow of a tree is an incomparable feeling, I miss it ...........

(Love the forest and the trees)


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