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In Myanmar, Company visits are full of surprises!

Testimony from Naw Aye Aye (Management step, Cotton 4 You), Naw Thiri (management step MyanMade), La Min Hlaing (Responsibility step, MyanMade), In Gyin Hlaing (management step, MyanMade) and Nan Lone Hlaing (Autonomy step, MyanMade).

We met the CEO of Canal+ during his visit to the LPC on August 14th 2020. He came to the LPC with the members of the French Chamber of Commerce and the Ambassador of France in Myanmar. After this visit, the coaches contacted him to organize the best company visit!

We visited Canal + company on August 27th and 28th 2020 (one day per team). The Canal + company bus came to pick us up in Hlaing Thar Yar and when we arrived, we were greeted by the CEO, Mr Erwan Luherne, and staff from many departments. They explained about the company and what it does. We didn’t know that Canal + is a paying TV channel for family, children and youth movies to make people happy! We listened to their speech, and some Youth asked questions. We learned about the HR department/ Finance/ Marketing/ programing marketing/ production and company responsibility. We visited the content management room and show room. They even took us to a Shan state tea shop and we had lunch together. Then the Canal+ company continued to surprise us. They brought us to the film studio and introduced Youth favourite actors and actresses. We were so very happy because they are friendly and handsome. They showed us the movie set for a Police movie, it was very strange to see how they make movies! It was an incredible experience!!

Naw Aye Aye: “I liked the program marketing team because their work is to communicate with clients and I would really like to be in contact with clients in my future job!.Thank you Canal+ Myanmar company for inviting LP4Y Youth to visit you. I hope you will improve and be more successful.”

Naw Thiri: “My favourite part was when they explained about the HR and Finances departments, because I am interested in this topic. I hope I can find a job in this company when I finish LP4Y because I find it very interesting and very diverse!”

Nan Lone Hlaing: “If you work in this company, you will work with Passionate, Creative, Innovative, Connected and Team oriented people! I like the editorial department. It is the main department in the company and it has many actions in the whole company, because I like to be in contact with many other departments and other people.”

La Min Hlaing: “I was very interested in Canal + work, what it is, what kinds of jobs we can do in this company. I learned that there are 10 main departments and in total there are 21 departments, in the company, so there are many opportunities! We sat together in the meeting room and Mr Erwan told us about Canal +. His assistant explained about her evolution in the company. She was first an HR assistant, then she became HR manager after a few years she became CEO assistant. This was very inspiring for me, because she had the opportunity to evolve in her job! I hope I can evolve in my future job too!”

In Gyin Hlaing: “ In Canal+ they are a TV channel and they make movies! I loved the shooting in the studio because I met the makeup artist of the actors. I asked her many questions and she told me about her experience. First she started working in a make-up shop and then she learned how to be a makeup artist. She was very beautiful and confident. I hope I can become so confident and do the same job as her, this is my dream job!”


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