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“Hard work is the key to success”

Risna, LPC Cilincing, Jakarta, Indonesia

My Name is Kristina Titu. You can call me Risna. I was born in Bajawa on 7 july 1998. I am 22 years old. I am from Flores and now I live in Semper with my cousin. I graduated from NEGERI 1 GOLEWA Senior high school majoring in social Sciences. I have 4 siblings.1 older brother and 3 older sisters.

First I want to tell my story before I join LP4Y. After I graduated from high school,I continued my dream at an University in Situbondo,East Java. However, in 6 months, I decided to stop college because my mother passed away and I had to come back to my village. When I was in the village, I helped my family to manage our farm. About 2 months later, my older brother took me to work in a Rehabilitation center for mentally and disability people in Maumere. I worked there for 2 years. During the 2 years I was entrusted with managing one canteen owned by the foundation because the sales of the canteen are used to fund mentally and disability people there. Not long after that I decided to return to the village and I was determined to move to Jakarta. Finally in October 2019 I moved to Jakarta.

The first plan in Jakarta was to find the job as soon as possible. My plan was to work in a restaurant as a cashier. However it was so difficult to find that kind of job. I have applied for 3 restaurants in North Jakarta and 1 restaurant in West Jakarta but after the interview the restaurant owner said I was not the right age and maybe I could apply in the following year. There was no reply from all the restaurants I applied for. This Situation had been worse when Covid 19 started. I stopped looking for work and I just stayed at home for 6 months and had no activities. At that moment I felt hopeless and wanted to come back to my village.

In this hopeless situation, I heard LP4Y from Mrs.Joseph Atmabrata. Because I had no activities at home and I hope I will get a decent job after joining LP4Y, so I decided to come to the center in Cilincing Jakarta. I’ve been joining LP4Y for 7 month and in 2 month I will finish my PTE. My department in LP4Y as Human Resources. My assignments in my department such as every morning I write down the attendance of my team and explain LP4Y if guests come or welcome new youth. After joining LP4Y I feel that there are many things that have changed in myself and my life. For example, before I could not speak English and now I can, and I'm confident to speak in front of many people. I’m also able to manage my work time at home, being more responsible in my work and I can manage myself. My motivation at LP4Y is that I want to be more professional at work and more responsible in my work assignments.

Now I’m in job search, I hope I can find the job soon. By the mock interviews I did in LP4Y I felt more confident to do the real interview at work. After graduating from LP4Y I wanted to work in a company to get money and reach my dream to continue my education to an university.

I believe that “Hard work is the key to success” .




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