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Family reunion

Abrar Hassan, 25 yo, Star,

Life Project Center PaharGanj, New Delhi

Hello, my name is Abrar Hassan. I grew up in a village called Ahmedabad which is at the west of India in the state of Gujarat, with all my family. When I turned 7, my grandmother took me with her to Mumbai to live with some relatives and we stayed there for 2 years. After this period we came back to the village and I had to live with my uncle and aunty. I stayed there 2 years being tortured by my uncle. In 2007 I decided to leave and go to Rajasthan, I traveled there for some time but I needed to find a job so I came back to my family in the village. When I returned there I felt that there was a lot of tension… At this time my way to escape was to start drinking alcohol and smoking drugs in secret. I got arrested in 2010 and the police sent me back to Gujarat near my uncle, I went there for a short time just before leaving for Bihar and finally got into a train for Delhi.

I lived in New Delhi Railway Station for quite some time. To earn some money during the day I was a waste worker. During this period I started again to use drugs and to drink alcohol. After 5 years, when I was 20 years old, I heard about LP4Y. At first I was nervous because I never went to school and I didn’t have any educational background. I followed the LP4Y program for 2 or 3 months but after I had a big accident that put me into a coma and paralized the right half side of my body. I stayed in the hospital for one and a half years. After my recovery I decided to join LP4Y again and finish my PTE, because I knew that it was a good opportunity for me. In LP4Y I learned English, a little bit of computer and business class and, the most important thing, I learned how to control my emotions and many other things. At the end of the program I found a job as a salesman.

It had been more than 13 years that I didn’t meet with my family because I couldn’t find any good reasons to go back. But due to the Covid-19, I thought that family is one of the most important things so I took the decision to go back and see them. My sister got married and has 2 beautiful children, so I met for the first time my 2 nephews and my niece. I met again also with my brother and my parents, and we are now all very happy to be back together.


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