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Come to LP4Y to achieve your dream!

Yair Lynn Niang shows us that determination and support are actually the keys to success!

Yair Lynn Niang, 23 years old, Stars of Yangon, Myanmar

Hello everyone! My name is Yair Lynn Niang. I am 23 years old. I have seven members in my family. I live in Hlaingtharyar at the end of Yangon.

Before I entered LP4Y, I didn't know what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be and what was my dream. Since I entered LP4Y, the Coaches supported me to think

about myself and my dreams. And then daily quotes in LP4Y made me feel

motivated. That's what, I was stronger to try my target job.

For internship, I went to CMA ships Myanmar company ltd. They are so professional.

Before I wear Myanmar traditional attire. To wear a professional attire was a

challenge for me. Since in LP4Y, I knew time management, team work and focusing

on work is important. So I finished my internship in CMA ships Myanmar company

ltd. My target was to get a job in CMA ships.

I waited for so many time to start my target job because of COVID and this


Now I am starting my target job in CMA ships. Time management, team work,

focusing, English, digital skills and google suits that Coaches in lp4y

trained was so useful for me. Thank you LP4Y.

Come to LP4Y to success your dream.

Together we can


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