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Believe that you can and you're halfway there

Gautam Mishra, 18, Star,

Life Project Center Paharganj, Delhi, India

My name is Gautam and I joined the LP4Y Center of PaharGanj in December 2016.

Before joining this center, I worked in a small shop for my studies that time I was in 10th class,

A friend told me about this center and then joined this center and I was very happy to come here and I was very happy that now I can sustain my family and fulfill my dream too and then I quit my job and started coming to the center.

At that time, I did not know English at all. For a few weeks the other Youth made fun of me, but I started to understand, “slowly slowly”! And then I started feeling very good. I was making small sentences in my mind every day.

And I have learned so much this way. I used to come by walk everyday, it is about 4: 5 kilometers from my house.

And now I am working in a private limited company.

The name is Decathlon.

I have failed in joining one time and then I tried for the second time, during this time a few days ago, my leg was hurt by a motor bike due to which I was unable to walk even on an equal basis . I went to the interview and I had to run during the interview and I also had to play a sports game and during all of these exams I got hurt... I got so full of blood that my blood was filled but I did not feel the pain that day, and even today I would start again because it was worth it.

During the interview I was not hesitant because before the interview I did a lot of practice in the center with my coach and some time I was also going to the other center in Delhi (in SangamVihar).

Since I started working in Decathlon, I often think about what my coaches taught me, because lots of things in Decathlon are related to LP4Y like always come on time, and work together, respect each other, help each other, trust each other .... etc and all of this I learned in LP4Y center. When I entered the management step at that time I was feeling : “Now I improve a lot” And now I am working in Decathlon since 1.4 year. At the beginning I was an intern only for 4 hours per day and step by step I grow in the Decathlon store like internship step for 4 hours, part timer, permanent part timer, and in a month I was full timer sports leader, and now I am taking care of a project for the whole Delhi NCR stores and I am also a sports leader for cardio bodybuilding, Pilates yoga and gymnastics.

Currently, with the coronavirus, I am at home and I am working from home for the store and in this situation I am getting my full salary. My neighbors are aware of this coronavirus and they are also helping the poor people. This is a very good thing and no one is going outside without any reason.

I am also a member and the treasurer of the Paharganj Star Club. During the dinner or any other moments I am taking care of the money and in the Star Club I am helping the new Youth as much as I can do from my side.



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