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Being inspired by Youth and Catalysts

Kefas shares his experience as a trainer in TDC Jakarta!

Kefas, Trainer at TDC Jakarta

Good morning, good afternoon, or even good evening to everyone, wherever you are! It is an honor to be here today, especially to celebrate these youths who are now entrepreneurs of their life.

My name is Kefas and I am a university student here in Jakarta, majoring in philosophy. At the moment I have been an external trainer at this center since more or less one and a half years; and I mostly help the youths in mastering basic IT skills at the moment. I used to provide basic English training for them.

A little background about me, this is actually my third time attending an Eday; the first time was in 2019. My involvement in LP4Y, especially in this center, began with confusement when a lecturer of mine shared a story of foreign volunteers working for professional inclusion in this area. Volunteering was a completely new thing to me back then and I had absolutely no idea what that looks like. But that confusement grew even bigger when I actually came here with my lecturer and several friends at an event and found out that they actually live here too! In slum areas! I’ve never even had the thought to come here, but they live here. Well long story short, that confusement became an interest that drove me to find out more about LP4Y and their activities and now, voila, it has been around 1 and a half years I’ve been helping the coaches in giving training here.

Coming here almost every Saturday of the week is always a big consolation for me. To me it is a privilege to see these youths develop themselves during their time here. The entrepreneurs that we celebrate today, with their initiatives, skills, and other things, are the same youths that entered the door of this center 6 months ago, but different. They're now more confident, more skillful, and of course now they are more capable of great things in their own life, in their family and even in society.

My involvement in this center these past one and half years or so brought many lessons and experiences to my life. From LP4Y itself as an organization, I learned a lot about organization management. I learned that social organization is not only a charitable organization, but can also be a well organized professional organization. My experience in knowing LP4Y pedagogy, the organization structure, and many more opened my eyes to a new form of social organization; knowledge that will be very useful in my future.

Apart from the organization itself, I am also very much inspired by the youths and volunteers, especially by their spirit. Through philosophy, I learned about Humans through the thoughts of many great thinkers. Through my encounters with the volunteers and youths, that of course come and go, many thoughts that I learned in classes came to life and even have names.

Through them I understand better the Sartian notion of Freedom, or what Albert Camus meant by becoming the rebel, and of course many more.

I also learned a lot about the human struggle in the face of suffering, and also I learned a lot about the human effort to create meaning to their life. But one of the most precious lessons that came to mind is that through getting involved with these wonderful women, I learned a lot about hope; Through their hard work and results, I learned that a better future is possible, no matter how far it may be. A better future might not be seen through the change of the global economic structure, or the whole world, but a better future can be seen through the lives of these youths and volunteers. Later, Inspired by their life and experiences, my undergraduate thesis will be my tribute to them. A tribute to celebrate hope for a better future.

To the entrepreneurs, yes, you are now entrepreneurs of your own life now! Even so, I would like to take you back to the moment that you first came to this center. I see it this way: this is not just any moment, this moment is six months in the making. In those six months, five days a week, from morning until the afternoon, you spend your time and energy, working hard to go beyond yourselves, to go beyond what you have ever done. In those six months, you encounter failures but also success, highs and lows, new things that you discover, new knowledge that you’ve learned, all life lessons that will be very useful in your future jobs and life.

Success is not made in one day! You cannot be successful just by flipping your hands. Remember the sign that welcomes you every time you enter this center: “To succeed, you have to take the stairs.” There is no easy, comfortable elevator to success. You have to walk your way up the stairs. You have to work your way through all the difficulties. It's hard, but not impossible! Today, you have gone up one level in the stairs of life.

The stairs are still going to go far up to the unknown, but don't be afraid. It’s not impossible! You can do it! Because you have made it this far and you can do great things!

I really hope for the best in your life, and once again, congratulations!



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