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Be inspired by the journey of Asha

From GV Raipur to OT technician, Asha shares her inspiring journey with LP4Y!

Asha Singare, Green Village Chhattisgarh, India

I'm Asha Singare from Raipur. I have completed my schooling from government higher secondary school Lalpur Raipur Chhattisgarh. And now I'm doing OT technician course from Sainath paramedical College Raipur.

I want to talk about my LP4Y experience means how LP4Y changed my life. Before GV I was working in a doll factory as a labour near my home, on that time I was not feeling well because there had no value for me or a labour no respect. I didn't want to work there but the condition of my family was not good then I listened about AREENA group of company. I went after 1 month of working I knew that it is a fake consultancy and our owner have left Chhattisgarh to take all money. I was very sad I was blaming myself that I can not do anything...

After the death of my father, my mother had managed all things. I have 1 brother and 1 sister in my family. We are 4 members in my family. For my mom it was very very hard to stay too far of other family without any back support in city Raipur. She had big issue about our education our future and all things have to manage my mom. But I couldn't do anything I wanted to do something for my mother but I was helpless. I used to disappointed. I had the dreams but how to achieve no idea, no goal, no target because of financial issues. We were unable to do anything. I was thinking only about negativity. But one day Elam Coach told us about Green Village. I was thinking that it can happen that I can speak English I can use computer.. Then next day I came Green Village to visit and I met with coaches and batches. I felt very happy but little fear because they are looking very professional and speaking English. After few days I came green village and join.. in the beginning I was hesitate to met and talk with all but after few days I was comfortable in GV.. here I was changing to another Asha like: I know my self, my skills, my qualities, my target, my power. Before GV I didn't have the target, in GV I'm knowing my target and how to achieve my dreams through of my short term goal.. I learnt here that you have to find your own solution of your problems... In my job search I couldn't find a Job because I was searching for job which I can study and near my home .. I couldn't find then by networking I got vacancy in kamla women's hospital Raipur for receptionist then next day I went there for interview and I got selected after this I joined my job and college also.. I was very happy that I found job near my home and college also..and yes! GV has changed my life after 1 month I got a chance to go in Sanjeevani Cancer Hospital for my training, experience and knowledge with the help of my mother and OT staff of Sanjeevani Cancer Hospital.. today I'm managing all of three very well... And yes! Now I have my own value my own respect.

For my inspiration and motivation - my mother is my role model because I saw my mother always working for our better future..and for my motivation I have my coaches they all have always motivated me to do something to make your family proud.. my all coaches are my guide.

And my seniors of OT staff they always motivating me to improve in my work, education and life also. And my counterparts and colleagues they always explaining me the things of my work and motivated me to do better.

Now I'm living a good life. I am proud of myself that I can help my mother physically mentally and financially... GV has given me a level of confidence.

And lastly I want to say- your positive action combined with positive thinking and results is success.


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