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Y. Amutha: a better life and education for her children

Y. Amutha Portrait

My name is Y. Amutha. I was born on July 25, 1993 in Puducherry, Union Territory of India. I was born as the first daughter to my parents Arumugam and Laxmi. I grew up in Tharamani, a town in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu. I studied my primary education in a government school in the same town.

After that, due to family circumstances, we shifted to Govindhasami Nagar, another place in Chennai. I completed my 10th standard in the nearby Mandaveli government higher secondary school. My parents were daily wage workers. It means that they were employed and paid on a day-to-day basis with no assurance that they will have a job the following day. 

Something which happened during that time turned my life upside down. My parents used to get into arguments very often. One day, their fight went too far and both of my parents attended suicide, which resulted in the death of my father.

After that trauma, I was forced to discontinue my education and went to work in a sweets manufacturing company to take care of my mother and younger brother. During that time, I fell in love with a person who is now my husband. I told my mother, but because of caste differences, my mother and relatives were against our wedding. I married my husband against my mother's wishes

My husband has been taking good care of me since then. Despite the financial problems in his family, my husband never left my side and took good care of me. After 1 year of marriage, we were blessed with a baby boy. Yet, neither his side or my side of the family was accepting us. No one from our families has helped us during our tough times. We somehow managed to run our family with my husband's salary only.

After 3 years, l had a baby girl, but sadly we lost her as soon as she was born. This pushed me into depression, but with the good care and love of my husband, I was able to get back to my normal self. 2 years after that incident, l was again with child, and gave birth to a baby girl. 

After that, we were struggling financially.This is  when l learned  about LP4Y through one of my acquaintances. I got into LP4Y with the hope of getting a better job and providing my children with a better life and education than mine. My husband has been supporting my every decision and is still a major support to pursue my desires.

What did I learn in LP4Y?

I joined LP4Y on July 26, 2023. During the first month, I did not understand anything and did not know how to speak in English. During the second month, I started to understand English. During the third month I eventually started to speak. After that, I learned public speaking, team organization, and many other skills. I discovered many underlying skills of mine. I got to know about resume-making here. I also  learned about interviews and how to sit for an interview.

I really feel proud of myself for all the things that I learned and achieved in LP4Y and I am really grateful and thankful for this opportunity.


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