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What coronavirus changed for the Youth? #2

Patricia Rosales, 21yo, Autonomy Step

Life Project Center Taguig, Philippines

(on the right on the picture)

“I helped to distribute the relief goods in my area, it was tiring but I really liked to help people”

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Patricia Rosales. I am 21 years old, mom of two: a girl of 6 years old and a little boy of 2 years old. I live in FTI, Taguig, with my children and my husband.

What did you feel when you learned the Philippines would be in quarantine? Did you have some questions / fears?

I was happy because the people who usually “stand by” outside cannot do it anymore. That means less bad people around my house.

How did you know about the lock down?

I watched the President's speech on TV at home.

How did you feel when you learned that the LP4Y center will close?

Sad, because I knew LP4Y activities would stop and I did not want it.

Did you have money and food at home when the lockdown was announced?

No but the Barangay distributes food once a week. It is not enough for my family for a week but it is already something.

Last week I helped to distribute the relief goods in FTI. All the families who need the food bags put chairs in front of their house and put their quarantine card on it. That means they want to receive the food. We distributed a lot of bags during the afternoon and it was very tiring but I liked to help others.

Now it is the lockdown, do you ration food?

I still eat normally and my children as well.

What are you doing at home during quarantine?

I do the activities in my notebook (Coach Iris bought notebooks to the Youth and assign them one exercise per day to do at home), I take care of my children, play with them, take the time to cook good breakfasts… My husband is a housekeeper in Makati and stay there at night so I do not see him a lot during the week.

What is the atmosphere in your area? Did you notice things that have changed?

People stay at home so there are less people in the street. Shops have closed so I have to go to Palanque to buy food. It is a 30 minutes walk from my home and I go there with my two children. It is quite difficult to come back home with all the groceries. Some sari-sari are still open in my area but it is very expensive.

What coronavirus changed for you?

I see my family more, we spend more time together and I really like this. But some people in my family lost their job because of the lockdown and it is getting difficult for them to buy food.

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