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The COVID-19 crisis in Laguna: News from Eco Construction Program

“Write about how the quarantine has changed your way of living and how you feel about it”

Coach Anthony Bouin

Before the lockdown, team Eco construction was building a laundry house. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to develop their building skills with the help of trainers. The youth of Eco Construction has a good team spirit, that’s why they’re enjoying the creation of their new project.

As their coach I’m very proud of them and how they handle this virus crisis. For most of them they are now the only ones providing money/food and basic needs for their families. This huge responsibility is very challenging for them and they are showing great strengths that will be helpful all their lives. Some have to provide food for 11 people, others have to take care of babies, and some provide medical care to grandparents.

Team Eco Construction is staying connected through messenger, we talk everyday and motivate ourselves to avoid being bored or to panic.

Leo June Hernandez

19 years old, Autonomy Step

Being in quarantine is not easy, It will change everything that you are already comfortable with. Living a life with limited movement because you cannot go outside. Although you miss the normal living we must obey the rules for our safety. I feel bored but I cannot do anything about it because after all, it's for our health.

The quarantine also has a good benefit to the family. You can have quality time together and while you are in your house you can know yourself briefly, you can recognize some things that you don't really know that you can do...

And about the second can say that people are asking or waiting for the help of the government because as of now there is no help by them and because people can't work they don't have enough money to buy the things that they need to fulfill their daily needs.

Hows my quarantine change our way of living by giving a chance to get more communication with my family but in another way we suffer because we don't have work so we don't have enough budget to get some foods, needs or wants but it also helps us to make our healths in a good condition.

Noel Paller

18 years old, Management Step

Because of the quarantine, many of us can't go to school, work, graduations etc. They also can't do the way of living before coronavirus spread, like playing sports, places they want to go. Also about the family at home, the kids/youth are thinking how they can help their family for food, water, how to pay the bills. They have only one choice that is the relief goods giving by the government.

Nino Cajusay

21 years old, Management Step

How’s my home quarantine. For me it’s sad because I can’t do what I want to do, I can't go to the one’s I want to go, I can't get along with friends. But I'm happy because I'm happy with the whole family and bonding together and we work with each other and we have time for ourselves. Our relationships have been great because we have family together. Even though we are not with our father it's ok because I can feel his love for us. I pray that all may go well and that our lives will return. And the epidemic will disappear in our country and around the world. God bless us all.

Angelica Corbilla

22 years old, Responsibility Step

How does this home quarantine have an effect on me?

First, it's boring at home, I can't hang out with my friends, I can't do what I used to do in my daily life. This quarantine is changing how the people work, play, live etc.

Since my uncle had no work in these quarantine days, we have to budget our money to buy food and some stuff that we will really need.

I know that this will be hard for us. But we need to obey the rules, so the virus won't spread and survive this pandemic crisis.

Yes, we all must continue to stay home and do what’s asked of us, of course, for the greater good.

Nathaniel Calago

17 years old, Autonomy Step

How does this quarantine have an effect on me? It's not easy for me because I can't go outside to play volleyball. It's boring just to stay at home. I can't hang out with my friends.

But we have to obey the rules given by the government. So when the virus is gone, we can live normal again.

Christian Betcher

18 years old, Autonomy Step

Because of the Quarantine I can't go in LP4Y and I can't play basketball and I can’t bond with my friends and I’m so bored in our house and sometimes we feel hungry because we don't have stock of foods when we have stock it is so fast to eat because we are 9 so many consume.

Rochelle Lorenzo

19 years old, Autonomy Step

How does this time quarantine have an effect on me? First, it's not easy for me because I can't do what I want to do and I can't go wherever I want to go. It's so boring at home, but for me, it had a good effect on me because my auntie and I are bonding together and I know more about her and we have more closure and I and my cousin have time to know each other. These past few days it's been so hard for me because of the home quarantine but I can handle it through watching tv and playing games, talking with my cousins. It's so hard because my auntie had no work because of the quarantine that's why we need to budget our money for our food. We all know that it's so hard for us but we need to survive this kind of problem by prayer and obey the rules. Stay home for safety.


Aljhon Albufera

23 years old, Management Step

How does this home quarantine have an effect on me? First, its boring because I can't go outside, I can't go to GV and I can't see my friends especially my team and our Coach ever since the quarantine was started my family was affected because we don't know where we can get money to buy our daily needs because work is prohibited so all of my sisters didn't go to work so they can't support us now and they also need to support themselves... The Barangay gives us support but it's not enough.

Divina Mangilag

19 years old, Management Step

How does this quarantine have an effect on me?

First, I can't go outside and hang with my friends. I am bored in our house, I can't do what I usually do everyday. We don't have enough money to buy food and our daily needs. But still we need to follow this home quarantine so we can be safe.

Carlo San Juan

23 years old, Responsibility Step

By the quarantine that is happening now, we are not allowed to go outside in our house its limited. I only do fixing broken things in our home and I also do crush trunks that can be used to make a fire to cook our foods, but after that we don't have to do so it's very boring. My family dont know where we can get money to buy our daily needs because they can't work because of this quarantine. Perhaps it changed everything in our daily lives, but it's for us to avoid this contiguous virus. We're just waiting for the relief goods from the government, but they didn't give anything, so that's why we are asking for help in LP4Y just to survive in this crisis that we're facing now.


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