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The COVID-19 crisis in Laguna

News from Jashen Mae, Youth of Deco'me Program, Green Village Calauan

During the first week, my daily life got boring because we can not go outside anytime we want and it's very irritating. But, I understand that this lockdown and community quarantine process will help to decrease the virus ability to transfer and I know that we should do this for our own safety and since I came in LP4Y I didn't have the chance to take care of my baby whole day so for me it's opportunity and I'm glad that I'm with my baby and i had the chance to take care of her As the days had passed, It's very sad to think that we are facing a big problem There's a lot of changes because of the epidemic and it has a big effect on us. It changed our daily living and it became worse to the point that so many workers have to stop their work and it means no money. My family and I are also victims of no work no pay in the Philippines. That's why I'm thankful for the allowance I receive in LP4Y. It's not enough for everything but I'm grateful because it helps us to buy our daily needs.

Now we are waiting for the help from the government because if the lockdown takes too long we admit that we badly need the help of the government and we are expecting relief goods because as we have no work during lockdown we can't buy our daily needs for the next next days of this lockdown.


News from Leo, STAR of Deco'me Program, Green Village Calauan

Hello, I am Leo Avendano Cudog and this is my story. I am 22 years old. I am living with my loving family here in Site 1 Brgy. Dayap Calauan Laguna. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters and I am the oldest. My mother’s occupation is to be a housewife and my father is a construction worker but he doesn't have work right now due to coronavirus. Indeed, no one who has a job right now. So all of us stay in our house just to avoid the virus and prevent it. We are facing a very dangerous problem and it's CoronaVirus (COVID19).

All the residents here are afraid because they don't know what to do because no one has a job and most of them have a lack of food, lack of medicine, lack of money so they are wondering if they are going to survive due to this pandemic coronavirus. But they are still praying to our Almighty God that he will help us and save our world and to cure this kind of very harmful virus in our country. And I pray for all the LP4Y Community that we will help us to provide a good and quality service to all the youths and families who are suffering right now. Thank you LP4Y.


News from Melinda Malate, STAR of Deco'me Program, Green Village Calauan

Good day, I'm Melinda Malate currently working in Joshua's meat products as store personnel but unfortunately, I had to stay at home because of the coronavirus epidemic. If I continue to work there's a possibility that I would be infected so I decided to take a rest. My family is also affected because of enhanced community quarantine so they don't have work right now. In total, we are 6 people in the family.

Our neighborhood and us is just like a little kid dependent or relying on the help of the government who will give us rice, can goods. It is very hard to manage because they want to give us only 2kg of rice and no can.

How about the next day? That question always enters our minds. We won't die from the virus but from starvation so we are hoping that some people who open arms are able to help us even in the small things. After I get my savings out I'll make sure it will be our financial support I'll buy essential things that will help us to survive in this kind of situation especially foods, gas, personal hygiene.

Thank you LP4Y for helping us.

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