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Thank you LP4Y

Madelyn Bolon, 22 yo, Management step,

PayataSport, LPC Payatas, Manila, Philippines

Hello everyone,

My name is Madelyn Bolon. I am 22 years old and I have one child. I arrived in LP4Y on December 10,2019 and now I am in Responsibility step. I learned a lot in LP4Y, like: how to use a computer, Excel, how to speak in English, how to budget money, how to communicate to others, team spirit, sports trainings and how to motivate myself. Thank you LP4Y for helping all the Youth, to motivate us to be part of your Foundation.  Thank you so much to all Coaches, Catalysts and all every part of your Foundation. The next challenges in our team are to motivate all the children in Payatas to go and to participate to all our sports trainings. My message to all Youth like me: it is not the end of your dream if you have been a teenage mom or if you stopped schooling. LP4Y helps 18 to 24 years old people to have a decent job by giving a 9 months professional training. So what can you do? Come on and join us.   Thank you.


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