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Thanh Nguyen - My experience with LP4Y

Thanh Nguyen, 28 yo, Star, Woodies Program

Life Project Center Hanoï, Vietnam

My name is Thanh. I grew up in a poor family. I had to quit school early because of my difficult family situation. I am a quiet person, and also I am shy when I have to communicate with others. I didn't have a stable job before joining Life Project For Youth (LP4Y) foundation.

In LP4Y, I learned the English language, computer skills, making bamboo handicraft products, and how to make cakes. Besides, the center also organizes extracurricular activities to visit companies in the field of restaurants, hotels, accounting, craft workshops... That's why I have gained new knowledge and insights into these fields. They will help me to prepare for a suitable job in the future.

After three months of studying at the center, I understood the sentences in English and could talk with the coaches. I felt more confident and happy when I worked with everyone. I was used to my work at the center: knowing how to use a computer and other tools to help me and the other members of my team to complete tasks quickly and more efficiently.

Thanks to that, I was able to prepare the necessary skills to apply for my favorite suitable job. The coaches helped me understand the importance of time. They help me make plans for the future. These plans will help me easily to reach the targets I want. Making plans and team-work are two soft skills I get when I joined the LP4Y training. They helped me to develop myself in work and study. The most important thing, I have rediscovered my worth when I joined the project of the LP4Y foundation. That is a miracle of love, sharing, caring, sacrifice... that the coaches, volunteers, and members of LP4Y gave to me. From A quiet guy, and shy when communicating with people, I became an open-minded and confident person. I have a stable job and have a dream for myself.

Today, when I know the LP4Y foundation will stop operation in Vietnam. I felt very sad and regretful. LP4Y is truly a great environment for young people in difficult situations to overcome their obstacles to integrate into society. Get a suitable job to live and help their families. Become a useful person for family and society.

Best wishes and the most sincere thanks to everyone :

* The founder of the organization:

Mr. Jean-Marc Delaporte

* The coaches:

Mrs. Pauline, Mrs. Mariam, Mr. Ariel, Mr. Timothy, Mr. Gautier, Mrs. Camille, Mrs. Roxane, Mr. Robin, Mrs. Clarisse, Mr...., Mrs....

* The volunteers:

Mrs. May, Mr. An, Mrs. Hai Tran, Mrs. Dung, Mrs. Chi, Mrs. Phuong, NEU-National Economics University.

* The English teachers:

Mr. Bill Tam, Mrs. Trang, Mrs. Elizabeth Buot, Mrs. Hong Thanh, Mr. Minh Vuong.

* Lawyer and Baker teachers:

Mr. Duc, Mr. Hai

And there are many other volunteers who have helped us physically and spiritually during the time that LP4Y was active in Vietnam. These are beautifully and meaningfully actions, we are so grateful for them.





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