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Testimonies of the Youth from GV Raipur - Batch #3

Chandrashekar SAHU: He lives in Saragaon (the place where GV Raipur is located). After he achieved 12th pass, he didn’t know what to do, and heard about the training through some friends who have attended Batch 1 and 2. Thanks to the training, he connected to good partners and now work as an accountant. He has now 8 months of experience. He is 21 years old and works as an Accountant at Acculegal in Raipur.

(on the left)

I am from a middle-class family. In my house, we are 6 people. I had passed 12th before joining lp4y. After that I decided to join LP4Y. My family was supported to join LP4Y because it was a great opportunity to change my life.

There, I learned things I never knew before and how to succeed. During the training, I learned a lot of knowledge and many things, how to build my confidence and handle myself better. We worked like a real company in micro company. Not only did I have English and computer skills, but how to become a professional and how to become more self-sufficient. English and communication skills. I feel more confident. I have learned how to be professional. We will gain more experience, and we will have more opportunities to find jobs in the future.

After joining LP4Y I have been working as an accountant in a private company for about 10 months and I am very happy. I only hang out with my friends on weekends. I have more faith now and I can handle the responsibility in addition to this. Thank you to all the coaches, you work really hard to help us change our lives.

I joined LP4Y in February 2019.

Bhuvan LAL: from outside village, he found a job in SODEXO after LP4Y, and super grateful about his experience. He is 21 years old and works as a Service Staff in Sodexo


My name is Bhuvan Lal Chandavansi. I am 22 years old, I come from a very small village Mungeli, which is 20 km from Dongargarh, I have studied till 12th pass, in that case I work as a laborer in the village. I came to know from a friend of mine that there is a Livelihood college in Dongargarh in which computer training is given for free, then I came to Dongargarh and filled the form and used to go to Dongargarh, but I used to work in Dongargarh, which used to earn money. He used to pour petrol in the bike and used to come to Dongargarh College when our training was over, then from there, he told me about Green Village Raipur, and I joined the Green Village.


I felt like Green Village is my mother from day one, just as Mother supports her child all the time and is always standing with her, in the same way, Green Village is always standing with me, I came from a small village. Only knew my local language, I did not understand Hindi, I was afraid to talk to people, that is why I did not talk to many people, the rest of people knew Hindi and English was the one langage most understood. But coaches used to support me all the time and used to motivate me all the time, always they stood with me when our training was over, so many people got jobs but I could not get it, that's why I was very disappointed. I was lost because I did not have much education, but the coaches kept supporting me. At one time I started thinking that I should go back home now, but the coaches supported me. For me to get a very good job. “Do not give up”. And then I came to know that Sodexo looked for workers. I said that I thought that Sodexo would be a small restaurant, but when I went there, I kept seeing that Sodexo was giving very big service. The company was there. I felt that I would not be able to get a job here as I could not find a job in many places but when I was interviewed, I was selected ther. I could not believe that I got a job in this big company, never thought that I would work in such a big company... Today it has been 1 year for me to work here. Today I am whatever I am because of the green village. Thank you my experience in the green village.I have never thought that the Green village changed my whole life.

LEARN THERE management

2. Computer

3. Time management

4. Communication skills

5. Stand fear

6. Stay in professional attire


1. Speak to people.

2. Contact

3. Stay professional

4. Believe in myself

5. Started understanding Hindi and English

6. I am not afraid to talk to people


LP4Y Greens village Raipur Aja Khaja, a Green Village Company, was in the company and I had a HR there in the post


LP4Y in Green Village, all the companies used to be operational from Monday to Friday, but Aaja Khaja was running every day, because all the companies used to work on their own company in these restaurants, from Monday to Friday, on Saturday and Sundays everyone would work together. I loved this pedagogy for a family in Aja Khaja in Green Village.

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