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Ryan's speech at the YIN Grand Opening event in Jakarta, Indonesia

Ryan during his speech at the YIN opening in Jakarta

My name is Ryan Feari. I am 19 years old. Today, I am representing a vocational training (Life Project 4 Youth Training and Development Center in Jakarta). I live in Kampung Sawah, one of the slum areas in North Jakarta. Most of the people there collect the bottle waste or boxes and then sell them to get money. Many young people who get married do not have a good job or mostly work as stone pickers, getting 1 dollar per day.

I have a supportive family. I have 3 siblings, my mother is a house wife and my father is working as a daily worker. He works hard to fill the family's daily needs. I love to learn English by myself. I used to teach English to 30 children when I was in high school. 

My passion is learning new skills such as public speaking and meeting new people. I am the leader of the learning and development team in LP4Y training center. Me and the team are always trying to follow up on training we receive from partners to Youth in the center. We provide advocacy training to the community. 

We receive job training preparation from partners such as creating CV, job interview hack from Sodexo, MAP, Excel/ IT Training from Coach Neno STF Driyarkara and ASEAN Foundation about Data science, how to boost our confidence through mock interviews with Decathlon, business management by L’Oréal and McKinsey, administration and marketing from Servier and hospitality from Accor and Citi M Hotel.

Ryan with Disa from Grand Hyatt Indonesia and Youth in Jobsearch

During my 3 months in LP4Y, I went to IFI Jakarta to watch a movie and had many discussions there. I remember being so impressed by the building and the people working in IFI. I was wondering how the Indonesian people work with the Embassy and have international co-worker. I assume they are great people and work hard for that.

This month, some Youth had the opportunity to do internships in PAUL Bakery, Grand Hyatt and IFI. I kept talking with them and it has inspired me on what I want to do later. I would like to do an internship in a big company to really show my motivation and develop the potential within me. I am willing to have an internship in the Human Resources area to learn more about how the HR department works, doing assessment of CV and the most important thing to see the selection process. Using the HR point of view in selecting the talent is a golden opportunity that not everyone can simply have. 

Me and my friend are still on our journey to really seek out who we are and what kind of future we want to create. We carry out the big mission in our lives that we must break the poverty circle of our family and be the better version of ourselves. I do believe that with the support of many people and opportunities, we can bring our dream into reality. When we invest in a Youth’s life, we actually plant the seed that will grow and have fruits for everyone. This journey to get a decent job, good salary, better life is not easy but possible to do. 

So here I am, standing in front of you to raise the voice not only for me but millions of Youth who live in extreme poverty, with a limited access to education and opportunities, to show that any kind of support matters.

We live in this world that we used to see and judge based on the background, less support from the family and even do not dare to dream. 

I am grateful that I crossed my fate to meet many committed people that trust me on my dream and support me endlessly. Can you imagine? Today you see me as nothing, just a stone picker every Sunday, receiving a job training 5 days a week. In 5 or 10 years I will be someone who works in a company, has my own business and fly to France to meet my coach. Who knows? I will work hard for that. Because I do trust the process. 

So, thank you so much everyone for your attention and your support to make me stand confidently!

The Youth Internationl Network (YIN) is an international network of 59 socially progressive companies willing to reduce poverty and act for the inclusion of Youth from underprivileged backgrounds thanks to CSR programs, HR policies and business strategies. The YIN has 4 missions: Raise awareness about Youth inclusion with corporate actors and their network ; Support members developing activities and interactions with the Youth ; Connect members to organizations working with excluded Youth ; Facilitate cooperation between members through the organization of events (forums, webinars, workshops, etc.). The YIN is now operational in Indonesia.



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