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Raise her voice at the United Nations

During the UN Commission for Social Development, the NGO Committee, which LP4Y is part of, is dedicated to raising awareness on the Priority Theme and bringing the voices, experiences, and recommendations from the grassroots. The NGO Committee holds a Civil Society Forum, which one of the thematic sessions is about “Working Toward Concrete Solutions for Marginalized Young People Facing Unemployment.” For most marginalized youth living in poverty, their work does not mean earning a living wage. It means exploitation, very low pay, and forced layoffs. This panel will look at how work should enable youth to live in dignity and be recognized as useful members of society.

Sherlyn Caasi, LP4Y graduate, is an example of success. She worked as a call center agent in Alorica and is today coach herself leading a LP4Y program in Tondo, Manila, Philippines. She will share her testimony and precious inputs on this panel on February 10th.



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