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Overpassing ourselves and reaching our goals!

LPC Paharganj, New Delhi, India

Chandan, Management Step, LPC Paharganj, Delhi

Before LP4Y, I had no goals or objectives in my life. Since I joined LP4Y, I now have a goal, which is to achieve my dream job. I want to open my computer Institute. I also have a backup plan, which is to become an accountant in MNC Company.

In LP4Y, I learned to be confident when speaking in front of people. I used to be a shy person but now I feel very comfortable with public speaking. I also acquired some leadership skills and business skills, and was taught how to adopt a professional behavior at work.Now I am very happy in LP4Y because it gave me achievements in my life.

Thank you so much to the coaches for their time and commitment! Thank you for giving me the keys to change my life and I find my goals in life! I hope many lives of Youth will be changed in the future!

Thank you so much!


Sonia & Neha, Responsability Step, LPC Paharganj, Delhi

We first came to LP4Y in October 2020. We acquired English and computer skills, but also worked on our confidence level. Thanks to the MEI, we daily work in a department and learn how to manage a team.

For Entrepreneurs Day, we created a dance for the talent show! It was our first E-day, and it surely was a great experience for us! During the preparation, we learned many things: we trained to be more professional, but also improved our creativity to be ready on the D-Day and give our best performance. Winning and losing are part of life, and it is important to always be resilient in what we are trying to achieve. This dance was a challenge for us, but at the end we did a great job and were very proud of ourselves! When life gives you a chance to overpass yourself and learn new things, take it!

Sonia & Neha

Shakreen, Management Step, LPC Paharganj, Delhi

Before joining LP4Y, I did not understand English, and I had no rules in my life. One day, my sister Shabreen suggested that I join LP4Y. After joining LP4Y, I really improved my English, computer and communication skills! My professional behaviour, as well as my body language also improved greatly! I am very happy, because I think that those skills will help me to achieve my dream job and my professional integration! My father does not support me and my family, and our situation is very critical. Finding a decent job therefore is important to me, and I think LP4Y will help me greatly in this! Thank you LP4Y!




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