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"Our message to you" from the Green Village Kathmandu

The Youth of the Green Village Kathmandu prepared an important message for you.

Listen to them and let you guide…

We are all the Voices of LP4Y, prepared and armed to change our life.

Today let be Strong Together !

Muna Rasaili,17 years old,

Menuka Baral, 20 years old,

Rashmi Tamang, 23 years old,

Sabina Tamang, 18 years old,

Rita Kami, 23 years old,

Bina BK, 20 years old,

Babita Tamang, 19 years old,

Sarsawati Soren, 26 years old,

Sabitri Basnet, 20 years old,

Sabina Magatri, 22 years old,

Shreejana Nagarkoti, 18 years old,

Unisha Rai, 18 years old.


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