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My new beginning

Glydel Ignacio, LPC Payatas, Manila, Philippines

I am Glydel Ignacio, I am 20 years old. I live in Payatas B, Quezon City. My family does not belong to a higher class of the society, but we can still afford to eat at least three times a day.

I stopped my studies because of lack of financial support. So, I stayed in my grandmother's house with her son and daughter, together with my four siblings because my Parents are separated.

In Year 2018, our neighbor introduced us to the Life Project for Youth and because of the good opportunity, two of the family relatives became part of LP4Y (Fashion4youth and Payatasport program). They had a great experience where they encouraged us to be part of LP4Y too. So before they graduated, another member of the family joined LP4Y and she started a joyful and great journey there (Fashion4Youth program). After they graduated year 2019, they started to apply to many companies and they had many choices to apply. So thank you very much to LP4Y !

Now that the year 2020 started, we also joined Life Project for Youth. My twin sister became part of the Fashion 4 Youth program, then I became part of the PayataSport program last January 28, 2020. It is a pleasure for me to be part of the program because I learned a lot, especially the things I never tried before like Volleyball. In my 20 years of existence, I never tried sport ! So thanks to LP4Y now, I can play volleyball and not only play but teach also. I am very happy because I also learned the basic computer skills, Google slide, keyboard symbols and also presentation and Professionalism. So what more for my remaining months ? It will be more knowledge and skills to learn. So I am very thankful to Life Project for Youth for having this kind of program. It makes the youth better than they expect themselves to be.

Now that we are facing the crisis, it is a big challenge for everyone because we are far from each other. We need to keep the motivation, the eagerness to learn, especially if this will take one month. We need to find distraction in the house. So thank you again for the online training, exercises and activities that the coaches make, because it helps the team to keep the knowledge, develop our skill and not to forget.

To all the youths like me: Always bring your motivation with yourself. You will not reach your dreams if you do not aim high and keep going even when someone or something puts you down. All challenges will be solved, maybe not now but it will come at the right time.


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