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My family routine during the lockdown

Glydel Ignacio, 20 yo, Autonomy Step

PayataSport program, LPC Payatas, Manila, Philippines

Lockdown The sun is raised up and down the day started to laugh. But the world is in the rush to protect and save one’s life. So the only thing we must do is to stay at home and keep us safe too. As the lockdown is on-going, my family is doing fine every day.

We do our household chores after breakfast: washing dishes, cleaning, etc. During that time, my youngest sister is reading to practice her English pronunciations and grammar.

After doing our tasks, we dance Zumba outside of the house. It becomes our bonding every day. In the afternoon, we gather on the balcony to do our own stuff. My grandmother is sleeping because there is fresh air outside, my cousin and my sister are dancing and the others are playing sungka !

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