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My family environment

The Youth of the GV Kathmandu are answering to the question:

How deep are you involved with your family?

Menuka Baral, 20yo - Sita Kalikote 25yo - Bina BK 20yo

Sabitri Basnet 20yo - Ganita Pariyar 20yo

Management Step, Batch 1, Green Village Kathmandu, Nepal

Menuka Baral

The environment between me and my family is good. We work together. We share news about Covid-19 and anything else. Due to lockdown, I got a chance to spend more time with my family so all of us are happy. When I was in Pokhara we used to get a chance to meet each other once a year but we called and messaged and shared how our days are going on. So my family supports me in taking any decision and gives feedback to my mistakes. My family accepts my bad habits and failure as well as they motivate me to move on.

Ganita Pariyar

The environment of my family is very good, I live far from my family but I talk to my family every day on the phone. My mom always shares her thoughts with me and I do also. They always motivate me, they care for me a lot and they give me very beautiful moments in life when I meet them once a year...!

Sita Kalikote

The environment between me and my family is good. They have created the environment in such a way that I can share my feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc. My parents always motivate me when I get a failure or make mistakes. They care for me too. They have given me a very beautiful life.

Bina BK

The environment between me and my family is very good : we share each other's thoughts and anything at night. We watch the news on tv together. I can't stay without sharing my feelings and my thoughts to my mother. She always motivates us and cares for us. If anyone in our family has an idea for anything we share and make decisions.

Sabitri Basnet

Speaking on my behalf, the environment between me and my family is very admirable. We have four members in my family, my brother, my sister, my mother and me. Usually we communicate, share information about news, Covid-19, funny jokes etc and we listen to each other. My mother always gives us advice about career and life. She shares her struggle stories which helps us to be more responsible and to bring socialism into society.



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