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My dream job is to give job

Rohit Gupta, 20 years old, Management Step,

Howrah Program 2, LPC Howrah, Kolkata, India

My name is Rohit Gupta, I am 20 years old, I am a HP2 member in LPC Howrah, I am in Management step and I was part of the first 3 youth to join the team in June 2019! My dream job is actually to give job.

During this lockdown time, I do social work. My family has a little restaurant shop. I give food outside and I am very happy to do this kind of work. One day we gave food to maximum 200 people at the same time ! We distribute the food 5 times per week, this is to help our area and the people living close to my house.

My team of friends is collecting all the money for food purchase : 300kg of rice, 200kg of potato and 25kg of dal and we pack it and distribute it after.

My family is also involved and helps me and sometimes I even try to ask LP4Y Youth in this kind of work ! To prepare all this, I can stay at home for two days only to cook !

Otherwise, when I have free time I clean my little garden, I play some games and I talk to my friend.

My request is : please everybody stay home and stay safe, without a good reason don’t go outside !

Thank you !


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