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Merojob, partner of LP4Y in Nepal

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Merojob and Life Project 4 Youth Nepal (LP4Y) to engage in a global partnership for the professional and entrepreneurship training programs designed and planned mutually to increase the employability of the excluded young women.

Video : Released on the merojob facebook page on 8th March, 2021.

To mark International Women's Day, merojob was hosting a month-long collaboration with LP4Y (Life Project for Youth); where they assist Young women's (17-24 yo) from extreme poverty and victims of exclusion for their professional development through different programs.

The sessions have revolved around the following key themes all through the month of March:

1. Corporate visit to merojob by LP4Y young women in groups.

2. Interactive sessions about merojob and the job market in Nepal.

3. Interview preparation and mock sessions.

4. Resume writing session

5. Immersion day at merojob

Mr. Bishnu Karki, Business Director at Merojob : “Such collaborations have been the need for a long and hence, this initiation is to set an example as well as to motivate other major organizations of different industries to establish a culture that gives the inside scoop of corporate culture to youth.”

“In Merojob, we aim at putting forward best practices when it comes to Youth Inclusion.” 

For more details about this new LP4Y partner in Népal and its initiatives



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