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LP4Y is my oasis

Puja Dhangana, Batch 3, Green Village, Nepal

Namaste. My name is Puja Dhungana. I am a Young women of 19 years old from Balthali, Kavre Nepal. I am a high school graduate. I joined Green Village, LP4Y on 8th of December despite personal challenges. Ever since I heard of this project I had made up my mind to be a part of it and nothing could deter me from my decision.

I was born and raised in a small village in Nepal. Dreaming big was not an option for me. In fact I was scared to dream big. I was busy with chores and other responsibilities but I was always hungry for something more. I was hungry to better myself. To learn more and to do more. I always questioned myself, is this all I was meant to do? To be born, raised and die in a small village?

Something inside me always told me that I am meant for something big. I had a dream but I didn't have the support or means to fulfill my dream. I didn’t know who to turn to and who would support me to achieve what my inner self told me I was capable of.

In time I came to know about LP4Y and just like I made a decision that I must join Green Village. I knew I would have to leave home, my comfort zone, my family and go to a new city and be on my own. I am going to be honest, this scared me a lot. As I rode on the bus, I knew I was leaving a part of me behind. My heart grew heavy and weary just at the thought of leaving home and stepping into the unknown.

Throughout the entire journey to Green Village, my mind was consumed with questions. Was I making the right choice? Is this going to be worth it? Questions I had millions but answers I had none. All I knew was my heart was filled with hope with every kilometer towards Green village.

As I ascended the stairs of Green Village, I could see that this place was special. It was no more just me with my doubts and questions. I saw that there were Youth like me there. I left home only to realize that Green Village was my new home. I left my village only to realize Green Village was a small village on its own with all the Microeconomics Initiative within it.

I left my family but I was in the presence of coaches who love us so dearly. I felt like I had everything I could dream of. The fear of oblivion had now passed. I felt like a traveller in the desert who found an oasis. I knew I had to be molded like raw clay and now I had found the cast.

With time now I realize that you’ve got to ‘dare’ to ‘dream’. Through LP4Y I have learned that I have to believe in myself. I know that life doesn’t always go according to plan but after coming to LP4Y I have learned to be prepared for any challenges in life! With LP4Y I have learned practically to be calm when challenges occur. I am a new ‘me’ with LP4Y and I feel like it has given me a new perspective to look at life. LP4Y

has opened my eyes to really recognize my capabilities and work on them. I know with determination and hard work, I can lead the life I desire. I am the main actor of my life and I am capable of helping others in the journey of life. I had limited expectations from this project but I have received much more than I had anticipated. Truly, the knowledge I learned in LP4Y will be very useful in my personal and professional life. I cannot say the same for my formal education! In school, I learned to pass the test but in LP4Y, you learn by doing, you learn about your skill, qualities and moreover your capabilities. It's difficult to express in words how thankful I am towards LP4Y for you only becoming better by working on yourself and LP4Y has given me exactly that chance: to work on myself.

I came empty handed and am leaving with so many learnings and for that ‘Thank you’ would be a small word. One thing I can promise is I will cherish my time here and help others by sharing the learnings I received. Thank you LP4Y !



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