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Live the Life Project Plan Presentation!

Be a part of the LPPP in Tondo and Delhi where the Youth and the Catalysts shared their quotes en impressions!

Albane d'Harcourt, Laura Baptiste and Youth from Delhi

Albane d’Harcourt - Philippines' Country Coordinator

The Life Project Plan Presentation is one of the main events for the Youth at LP4Y. Once during the program, they step back on their life and their future objectives in life, what they have, what they need to improve and how to reach their dreams.

First, the way they stand and show their confidence to the public, we start by being amazed by their communication skills, the heart they put in their work and how proud they are to share their life and dreams.

Second, they take you in their life, before LP4Y, what are their skills and qualities, what is making who they are, what are their short term goals and dream job. But even more than that, what are the skills they need to acquire to pursue their dreams and how LP4Y can help them to develop them and be ready for their professional integration.

Third, they underline their personalities, their unicity, the way they will change their own life and what they are capable of because they already did so much. They inspire you, because of their talents, their smile and their resilience to continue chasing their dreams.

What I realise the most is that LP4Y procures a frame, benevolent and demanding, a safe space to try, to practice and train to become professional but more than everything, to become who they want to be.

After attending all the LPPP of the Youth in the Philippines, as Catalysts, we are stepping back and asking ourselves how to better accompany them in their own project regarding each of their personalities. Above all, we are grateful to witness the Youth fighting for a better future.

Of course, we asked ourselves: "And you, what is your Life Project Plan?". And if everyone was thinking about doing their own Life Project Plan?

‘’I learn How to talk in front of people like I am doing right now to you.’ Rehnum
‘’After LP4Y, I am wondering how did I waste my time before ? Now I have more ideas to improve myself and what to do on a daily basis.’’ Rehnum 

If I don’t have any confidence in myself, how am I supposed to talk with you and to reach my goals ?’’ Rozy 

‘’Why did I join LP4Y ? 
To learn new things 
To improve my own self 
To become independent 
What did you overcome in LP4Y, as a challenge ? 
I was not able to speak in front of people with confidence’’ Sajiya 

‘’In the partnership team, I learned how to convince partners’’ Dolly 

Laura Baptiste - Project Manager Partnership and Fundraising India

‘’ This year, I attended the LPPP for the fifth time and I really don’t get rid of this exercise that should be practiced once a year by each of us, Catalyst, Youth, Partners, Family, every human being in brief. Thinking of your Life Project, stepping back on what you have learned, what you can improve, what you would keep in the future and what you would remove is a milestone activity that keeps you aware and brings you forward. It also highlights your strengths and your confidence, and what confidence ! I wish the whole Professional world was watching the Youth explaining so clearly, with their own words but not less insurance, what they expect, but also what difficulties they need to overcome to achieve it. Their speech was a mix of sincerity, hope and clarity that really blew my mind. Would I have been ready to share this in front of an audience at that stage in my life ? The answer is no. And it makes me even more motivated on one hand to motivate them to follow their own successful path, and inspired, on the other hand, to bridge the gap and raise their voices as far as possible, to make everybody understand about the potential of Young Adults and the trust we have to put in them to make them thrive.’’



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