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Life in the community during the lockdown

Jemma Rich Forcadilla, 20 yo, Management step,

PayataSport, LPC Payatas, Manila, Philippines

In the picture, you can see the quarantine pass. Every family has one quarantine pass to go outside to buy what is needed. Example: buying food, medicine, etc.

There is also the schedule of the time that you are allowed to go outside. If you are not following it, they have the right to get you and to bring you to the barangay for disciplinary action. Look at the small market of Golden Shower. They have the line “one-meter distance” for each person. If you are going to buy, you have to stay one meter away from the other customers. They do not allow you to go outside if you do not have a reason. You can see the way to go on our main road but they made a barrier, every road they put barriers.

Finally, there are the volunteers who watch out when people come in and out. They are also the ones who ask you questions to know where you are going.

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