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Let's cook with the Youth!

The Youth from every LP4Y country want to share their cooking skills!

This week let's meet with Nepal!

Potatoe Fitter


Potatoes (500 grams)

Flour (80grams)

Salt (to taste)

Green Chilly (½ teaspoon)

Onions chopped (80grams)

Oil to (fry)

1. Add flour, potatoe, salt, green chilly, onions chopped and make some circular shape of double

2. Heat the pan with oil, it must be low heat

3. Cook the potatoe fitter slow in low heat

4. Turn over the potatoe on the other side when one side is cooked

5. Potatoe fitter is ready when both sides are cooked

BARA (Bread of black lentils)


Black lentils (200g)

Salt (to taste)

Ginger-garlic paste (1 teaspoon)

Green chilly paste (½ teaspoon)

Mustard oil (as required)

Cumin seeds (2 pinch)

  1. Soak lentils in water for 5-6 hours. When the lentils become soft, remove the black portion from the lentils and grind it into a thick paste by adding required amount of water

  2. Add salt, garlic-ginger, green chilly, cumin seeds in the mixture and mix it well.

  3. Heat the pan in low heat and add oil

  4. Cook the mixture in a pan by mixing it into a small flat round shape once the pan gets heated

  5. Turn over the bara on the other side when one side gets cooked

  6. The Bara is ready when both sides are well cooked

My small tip: We can put egg, meat topping can be done



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