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Keep the spirit, don't feel isolated and believe in yourself!

Roseayu, a Star of the TDC Surabaya shares her story and how LP4Y helped her believing in herself!

Roseayu Trycia Adinda Maharani, 19 years old, Entrepreneur Step/ President of Stars Club TDC Surabaya

Hello Everyone!

My name is Roseayu Trycia Adinda Maharani. I graduated from state vocational high school 1 in Purwokerto, Indonesia and my major is Administration Office. I joined LP4Y, TDC Surabaya in August 2021. Before I joined LP4Y I was trying to find a job, but it was difficult to find one because I didn't have the facilities. This is one of the reasons I joined LP4Y. After 2 months joining LP4Y, I decided to leave because I got a job as an Admin at the Online Shop. However, after 1 week of work I was discriminated against as my boss found out that I had a heart disease and he fired me. I feel so sad and unfair. I tried to tell the coach and they invited me to rejoin LP4Y. LP4Y is where I feel accepted and have the opportunity to develop my potential. I can speak English with confidence, I have the opportunity to manage my team, and this is where I found my true self. I know what I want to do for my future. Besides that, I also feel like I have a family to talk to about anything. I hope the young women out there can feel and have the same opportunity as me.

In January 2022 I started a full job search. At first I was very excited to do it, but it turned out to be not as easy as I imagined. It’s very difficult to get a job. I have applied to more than 50 companies and have had many interviews but no one has accepted me. I felt hopeless and shy to come to the center every day because I've been looking for a job for 2 months. Sometimes I feel envious of my friends who have got jobs. But I have a coach who always cheers me up. And finally I got a job! I hosted a live streaming at one of the big baby care companies. I am very happy because this job fits my personality. To all excluded youth around the world I hope you guys keep the spirit, don't feel isolated, believe in yourself that you can be what you want to be. Remember, there is LP4Y who always accepts you who has the motivation to change your life, regardless of background. Thank you LP4Y for making such a big difference in my life!



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