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Immersion in the daily life of Vietnam

Discover the favorite places and people of the Vietnam Catalysts in their environment.

Hanoi, LPC Ngọc Hà

Cafe Cường, Hồ Hữu Tiệp lake

" My favorite place is the coffee shop near the lake. It's like a signature place of LPC Ngọc Hà as we spend most of the time there having lunch, LPC meeting, playing cards, etc."

Phuong Dinh, Community Mobilizer

LPC Ngọc Hà, Hanoi, 2020

"The coffee Cường is one of my favorite place around the LPC Ngoc Ha. It is located around a very nice and quiet lake 1 minute walk from the LPC.

I loved to come there in the morning to eat a Bánh mì (breakfast Vietnamese sandwich), drink a Cà phê sữa đá (vietnamese coffee with concentrated milk and ice) and enjoy the view. The owners were so lovely and always made fun of me when I was trying to pronounce Vietnamese words. It was the perfect way to start the day. We also used to spend our lunch time with the other Catalysts there, it was our QG!"

Alexia Blot,

Coordination Support, Coach Bread & Smiles 2 Hanoi,

Country Coordinator, 2018-2020

"My favorite place was for sure the coffee shop near the lake and their delicious yoghurt coffee, early in the morning with the beauty of the sunrise on the lake or at lunch with the volunteers!"

Robin Noël, Coach Bread & Smiles

LPC Ngọc Hà, Hanoi, 2017-2018

Ngọc Hà Market

"My favorite place around the LPC is the local market, I was afraid to go at first because it is so busy and I had trouble to communicate, but now it is a pleasure to interact with my favorite seller and practice some Vietnamese."

Isaline Marmontel,

Coach of Bread & Smiles 2

LPC Ngọc Hà, Hanoi, 2020

Mama Shop

"My favorite place around LPC Ngọc Hà was Mama Shop. A little shop owned by a woman called Minh, where I spent many little moments buying groceries, but most of all, trying to talk to this amazing woman, that was really patient, trying to teach me some Vietnamese words, and using some french words she knew. She was our Vietnamese mama!"

Lobna Tolba, Coach Bread & Smiles 2

LPC Ngoc Ha, Hanoi, 2019-2020

Hồ Trúc Bạch lake

"My favorite place is the Hồ Trúc Bạch lake, we sometimes go there to do Swan pedalo boat, have a drink together on the small boats and watch the sunset!"

Antoine Dutour, Coach of Bread & Smiles 1

LPC Ngọc Hà, Hanoi, 2019-2020

Hanoi, LPC Song Hong

"My favorite place around LPC Song Hong was the Ca Phe 93. A family-owned coffee shop where all the community used to gather for lunch, dinner, a drink, to watch a soccer game, etc. A great spot to unwind and share good times with the community!"

Gautier Renault, Coach of Woodies

LPC Song Hong, Hanoi, 2016-2017

"My favorite place was the local bakery and all the street restaurant around the center. We went there every day. It was a good way to meet local people and share a good moment together."

Pauline Mignot-de Valence, Coach Woodies,

LPC Song Hong, Hanoi, 2015-2016

"My favorite place was the Bia Hoi. Sit on the street and drink a beer discovering the community"

Adrien Mignot, Coach Bread & Smiles

LPC Song Hong, Hanoi, 2015-2016

"The little coffeeshop on the lake in Hanoi where we had lunch most of the time, the seafood street restaurant in District 8 where people come with friends and family and are always so welcoming, willing to even invite you, or the bench where I used to sit between a tiny messy shop and a banh mi stand, both of the owners always giving me the most beautiful smiles."

Roxane Durand, Support Hanoi, Coach Bread & Smiles

LPC Bong Sao and Vietnam Coordinator, 2017-2019

HCMC, LPC Quán Tâm, District 8

"My favorite place would be a little coffee place on the road Phạm Thế Hiển literally in the motorbikes where we would always get our Cafe Sua Da to a lady that was very nice had her whole family around a 2 almost twin boys with whom we would always hang around and play! They were schoolless and ended up joining the Dragon Dance!"

Jean-Baptiste Merieux, Coach Bread & Smiles

LPC Quán Tâm, Vietnam Coordinator, 2017-2018

"The Market in the street, the coffee shops, the seafood place that made me discover I really like seafood :)"

Eugénie Maman, Coach Bread & Smiles

LPC Quán Tâm, 2017-2018

"Seafood and a fresh drink in the market street was definitely a blest."

Chloé Cresp, Coach Lanterns & Lights,

LPC Quán Tâm, 2018-2019

HCMC, LPC North Saigon, Gò Vấp District (Hồ Chí Minh)

Phuong's Bia hơi

"My favorite place was Phuong's Place. It's a Bia hơi which has been open at the very beginning of our mission. We've become very close with the owner and all the community around it. We were feeling like home at his place!

How many times did we go there after a hard day or just to enjoy the food and fresh drink? A lot of marvelous moments together thanks to this place!"

Hortense and Thibaut Coz, Coach Bread & Smiles

LPC North Saigon, HCMC, 2019-2020

* Bia hơi: Vietnamese street restaurant

Coffee Phin Điện

"The coffee Phin Điện is one of my favorite places, around the park, a lot of children running around, the place where the neighborhood gathers for a coffee, play card and count their life. For me, it has been a place I met a lot of people, I read books and wrote down my feelings when I needed. All of this with sweet Vietnamese of French music and the best Vietnamese Coffee."

Alice Delannoy, Coordination Support

LPC North Saigon, HCMC, 2019-2020

"My favorite place is the park near our center. There are a lot of shops with lots of nice neighbors. I never expected the local community treated me and other volunteers friendly and generously like that before. I miss having lunch and coconut there after I finished my mission a lot."

Linh Tran, Community Mobilizer

LPC North Saigon, 2019-2020

Cần Thơ, Green Village Mekong

J.Coffee 1980

"My favorite place was the J.Coffee 1980 around the lake in Cần Thơ. Just sit there with a book, some friends & a beer was my peaceful moment to rest and observe the daily life of the Mekong Delta local community."

Daphné Fradin, Project Manager Mobilization,

Green Village Mekong, Cần Thơ, 2019-2020

Streets along rivers

"Streets along rivers like this one are typical from Mekong delta. They are my favorite place in Can Tho because its the best place for a long walk, you can observe on side fishers and boats, on the other side garden fruits and smalls houses with families eating outside. You collect smiles all along your way and you end your walk relaxed and peaceful. To me, this is really Mekong delta vibes."

Lisa Bonnion, Green Village Leader,

Green Village Mekong, Cần Thơ, 2019-2020


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