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Now we are going to be history

Sanju, 23 yo, Star of Yummy Paharganj, Tour Guide in Old Delhi

What I feel in this crisis is that I used to read big events in history books but now we are going to be history. I'm worried, India is the second most huge population in the world and we are not prepared at all. The second challenge is to survive as well, many local vendors increased the consumer maximum retail price.

To speak about me, I was born in Old Delhi, which was a slum area between Red Fort and Yamuna river, where I had a big family : my grandparents and their children and us. It was demolished in 2003 when I was 6, I ran away from my parents, stayed on the street for four years.

I went to Salaam Baalak Trust (a NGO which takes care of the street children of Delhi until their 18 by giving them a place to live and access to education) when I was 10, then left in 2016 when I was in a senior secondary school and dropped out of school (my family were helpless for me, my mom has 10 children, two of my sisters are married and younger ones now go to school, I'm the eldest). In April 2016 I entered LP4Y and it played an important role in my professional life. I had and still have many opportunities thanks to this.

Today my parents live in a rented room and I live next to them. They don't have any ID cards either and in reality I do parents ' duty, I take care of my siblings, I pay their school fees and education stuff, with the help of my younger brother who passed LP4Y as well after me, he also works. In my neighborhood people are passing their days like in normal situation, they don’t practice social distancing and don’t wear mask, but on the main street (a road), situations are under the control of the police, people go to their home when police come there, still they are not very familiar with the Covid-19 outbreak. There are few people who don't have any ID card, they didn't receive any cereal from the Gouvernement. Since this vast virus is spreading everywhere, I can no longer take responsibility for the family, I still have little money in my account but after a few days I will be bankrupt. Nowadays we don’t have enough hygienic stuff like soap, here people usually drink tap water or hand pump water. One big problem of our area is that we don't have free education resources, many people are uneducated plus unemployed.



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