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How to build our dreams while we are in jail

I am Jaymon Gonzales, a Star of Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y).

I started my LP4Y journey since I was in jail. I joined LP4Y on February 5,2015. It was a great journey for me because it makes me think that even if we are in jail we are so special.

LP4Y taught us how to build our dreams & give hope while we are in jail.

Life in jail is so boring & with the help of this program, we think that we are more special inside. Sometimes, we don't know how to stand on our own, inside because we are far from our family. But still with the help of LP4Y they change our thoughts that even if we are an inmate they push us how to make our goal & achievements in our future life.

When I finished my (PTE) and became a Star, we accommodated some youths inside to help them out of boredom. Inside, we encouraged them to join LP4Y to gain knowledge while they are still in jail.

We also conducted training for the inmates just to share our knowledge that we gain in LP4Y. We trained them about English, mathematics, computer skills & guidance training. We are proud that even if we are an inmate we are able to train the other inmates..

Actually, I got released on June 3rd 2021.

I still keep contact with the coaches and am still active in the activities that they did.

For now I work as a helper of a construction company & it helps me a lot just to sustain my daily needs and also to help my mother. I just want her to know that I don't forget what she did for me when I was in jail.

I'm so grateful that I changed my life a lot.

Life goes on,

People change.

They know my name

Not my story…



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