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How my mom decided to help our neighbors

Khusbu Sonkar, Entrepreneur from TOTO program

LPC Chelta (before Hossenpur), Kolkata, India

My name is Khusbu Sonkar, I live in Kalighat, an area in Kolkata. Today, I would like to tell you about initiative of my family to help neighbors during the crisis. When the curfew started, I realize quickly that we will have many problems to manage money for food. After 3 days of lockdown, I saw there is no food around us and it upsets my values. I waited for help from someone but nothing happened. I decided to talk to my mother about it and she offered to give food every Saturday ! My mother let us bring the food material (which was very expensive) and with my family, we made food together. Quickly we though « how can we help people without money ? ». My mother runs her own shop to collect savings from the money she earns and gave me 80 000 INR. I added 4000 INR from my savings and now we can cook and distribute food. All my family is happy of this initative and I feel proud of my mom.


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