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How lockdown affects one's life

Angelina Vitales, 19 yo, Autonomy Step,

PayataSport program, LPC Payatas, Manila, Philippines


Janice M. Lecanda (neighbor)

Angelica: What are the differences with before the lockdown and when did it begin?

Janice: Before the lockdown, everything was normal. The children enjoyed playing outside without worrying. The people who had work were happy, because they work straightly, and the day they have a salary they are happy. They will buy all the things that they need every day. But when the lockdown began, all the things changed: all the people have no work, that is why they do not have money for their everyday needs. When they go outside, they are all wearing a mask and they need a quarantine pass. Finally, when you go outside there are no happy children playing because they are worrying about the virus.

Angelica: What did you do to be safe?

Janice: What I did to be safe is to not go outside without wearing a mask, always wash my hands and never go outside with no good reason.

Angelica: What are the most troubling changes since the lockdown began?

Janice: All the people have a problem because we do not know where to find money for our needs as we do not have work since the lockdown. When you go outside, you can see that all the people are wearing a mask to be safe and to protect from the virus. Some others are staying at home to be safe. That is all.



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