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How does LP4Y accompany me to catch my dream

Trinh Truong Yen My, 19yo, Management Step, Revival Program

Life Project Center Go Vap, HCMC, Vietnam

I come from a countryside called An Giang Province. I used to be unaware of my life. I used to be disappointed about myself because of failing to apply for university. I used to be a person who doesn't have any directions for the future. I used to be like that until I moved to Ho Chi Minh City and knew of LP4Y. For me, LP4Y is such a helpful organization that they changed my life.

First of all, they have supported me for the living expenses by weekly allowance. Thanks to that, I can pay for the rent, food, water and essential commodities myself while I am living far from my family.

Secondly, thanks to LP4Y, I had some plans that I have never thought about before. Through the guidance as well as the help from the coaches and volunteers, I understood how to think about my dream job logically and make it come true. In particular, I would like to be an English teacher. I have to start getting experience by working for language centers or the international companies/ organizations. Besides improving my English skills, I can adapt with the environments which combine languages and cultures. So I am aware of my targets. I am reviewing for the entrance exam of some universities in Vietnam so that I can work as a teaching assistant or a teacher. Fortunately, the coaches and volunteers always listen to me and give me the best advice as a specialized supervisor. Besides, they have also inspired me a lot in volunteering. So I am going to get the internship at Poussieres de Vie, another French NGO in Vietnam, next time as both a teaching assistant and a volunteer. I wish I can dedicate and get more experience as well on this step.

Moreover, LP4Y is such an amazing environment for me to practice English. I can approach English 5 days per week with foreigners as well as Vietnamese. Throughout 6 months I have joined LP4Y, my English is coming along very well. I sometimes have the chance to become an interpreter for my coaches and volunteers when they want to connect with the local community. I am very excited about this experience.

In addition, LP4Y is a big family. I have met a lot of people who come from LP4Y's volunteers from other countries, LP4Y's partners, my coaches and all the youths in our center. All of them are very friendly and helpful. They have also given me the motivations and happiness everyday because I believe that Together We Can. Especially in the coronavirus period, although we cannot go to the center as usual, I still have received their support as well as their attention. I feel more secure when I always have them besides me.

Last but not least, I realize that the main key of my life is myself. So I always make a great effort and encourage myself to keep going on my plans. I hope that the youth of all LP4Y’s programs will always believe in themselves and never give up on their project. I know that I am not alone in the way because I have a big family besides. I do appreciate them and I would like to thank them for all the support that they have given me.


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