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Green Village Philippines revival !

Today, we are opening a door to our Green Village in the Philippines with some pictures, some quotes from the Youth and a testimony from the coach of the program !

Accompaniement is mostly before an event, during, the youth are managing like professionals !

"Thank you for letting us do the tasks, because it makes us more independent" Kim

Aira, Sheila, Emily and Jenreiya

"I am happy here because I learn everyday. Knowledge is power" Samantha

Also empowering adults in digital literacy

Testimony of the Green Village Philippines coach, Raphaelle de Truchis

And me, I feel empowered everyday as a person and a woman, by all of them, their stories, their evolution in the program, their feedback and ideas, their willingness to fight for their future. I learn at the same time. I go deeper in my self development when they realize who they are. I overcome my limits because they push me to. As a coach, you ensure that the project is well runned by the Youth, you step back and let them shine. I have the feeling the young women here are especially amazing, but I think it is the same feeling for other coaches that witness the power of LP4Y for youth that they personally accompany, aware of their personal life challenges!

Since August 2022, after 3 and half years of being part of the Partnership and Fundraising Team of LP4Y, I became a coach.

I realized that it is good to set objectives to have a goal, but it is also good to step back from it not to take too much pressure: we are not here for performance, we are here for IMPACT. And creating impact takes time. We had 4 Young women at the beginning, only 2 of them stayed. Mobilizing in the relocation sites around the Green Village took time. And it is good that we took it! Reconnect with youth, Stars, partners, that they acknowledge the reopening of LP4Y program in Calauan after 2 years closure, discover the place, choose to step out of their homes to join the program, focus on themselves sometimes for the first time in life, find a solution to take care of their kid during the training hours. At the end of November, 20 Young women are now part of the team, ready to change their lives!

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by all what is remaining to do for the project (basic pressure of when you want to do good at work). Something helped me a lot: come back to the belief of their potential, they have the most impactful keys to make a positive change around them. We inspire each other at a point that I know it will be life changing for me.

When you realize they apply something they learnt in only one week, you realize their power. You also realize how important it is to have friends to feel included in the society, how much LP4Y is a safe space for them to speak up, become more confident and discover their personality in a professional setting. They realize that they have strengths. They learn how to use them personally and professionally.

"Don't be shy to ask help to others" Samantha

First Young women joining the program, Kim and Samantha

"Before I was taking only the positive. I learnt to recognize what is the negative and how I can make it a solution not an excuse." Joyce

Group pictuuuure, November 2022

"If you fail, it's ok. You can stand up and get ready for success" Emily

Joy, professionalism and proud to host for the first time a company including food and accommodation (Decathlon Team Meeting), November 2022

"I am so happy to have found this place where nobody treat you badly." Fidel

Don't forget to enjoy along the way, always trying to find a balance between being yourself and professional at the same time


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