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Green Village Kathmandu is re-opening!

Shilpa Tiruwa


Batch 2

Management step

On Monday 28th of September, the Green Village of Budhanilkantha in Nepal welcomed 10 young women to restart the 3 months-training, all of them are motivated and eager to learn.

Between days of training, guidance, joining their MEIs and informal time on the rooftop with Stars testimonies, the days are full of discoveries.

Congratulations for their dedication and hard work on these first weeks of training ! Namaste,

My name is Shilpa Tiruwa.

I entered the Green Village Kathmandu two weeks ago. When I first heard of the Green Village, I was interested and was truly excited to be there for the training. I counted myself lucky when I was provided an opportunity to join the training and all I could think of, was when I would be able to be there. However when I joined the GV I had poor English and that worried me. But since the beginning of the training, I am much more confident in myself and there has been improvement in my English speaking skill.

In the past weeks, I have been learning things that I have never heard of before. This has helped me to compare my old self with my new self. I am always thinking of ways to boost the knowledge and skills I already possess.

We have started our own micro companies and this has given me an insight on how business works and how much of hard work goes into it !

Within two weeks of being here we have graduated to the ‘Management step’ which I am very proud of and I truly believe that by the end of this training I will have become a capable individual and get a decent job.

Thank you LP4Y from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity !


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