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From the side of the Little Angels Academies in Manila!

Anariza Cajudo, LAA Coordinator

Tondo, Manila, Philippines

I am Anariza Cajodo, former Youth from Aurora program in Tondo Life Project Center, 8 years ago. I am currently working in LP4Y and thus for five years as Nursery coordinator in the Little Angels Academy in Tondo. The Little Angels Academy is very important for children and mothers as we guide them, take care of the children giving to them knowledge and fun...

In the nursery, I manage the organization, and also finances and pedagogy. But because of the virus all the children need to stay at home for now, so I had to adapt my work routine. As we know that educational activities are very important, we create an educational activity book to support and give ideas for maintaining a good routine for children at home. We give it every Tuesday to the mothers from Tondo and Payatas to make sure that even if they are staying at home, their children will learn.

We also still provide diapers to the Young mothers, so they can maintain a good quality of hygiene for their children and save more money. In this crisis time, the Little Angels Academy team is still very committed for Young mothers and children.

As we were already facing the threat of the virus, on the date of April 18, some of the people, Youth and Stars had their houses burnt after a fire in Happyland slum, a place close from Tondo Life Project center. To help the impacted ones, all together (Youths, Stars and coaches) we helped each other to gather clothes donations that we can give for them.

In this crisis time, like for all others Catalysts, my mission is a bit changing but at the end this is still the same : SUPPORTING THE YOUTH !


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