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Design thinking workshop with King’s College Nepal

Beginning of January, the full team of Young women of TDC Kathmandu benefited from a 3-day workshop on problem solving and design thinking with the DoLab of King’s College based in Kathmandu.

During this workshop, the team was divided into 5 teams and had to work on different challenges linked to the center using the design thinking methodology.

The five challenges had been chosen previously by the Youth:

  • How to attract customers in the micro-economic initiative Connect 4 Change?

  • How to retain customers in the micro-economic initiative Connect 4 Change?

  • How to create interesting training for Connect 4 Change customers?

  • How to mobilize (recruit) new youth in LP4Y?

  • How to transfer knowledge to handover between the experienced youth and newer ones within the LP4Y team?

We would like to say a big thank you to King’s College - DoLab’s collaborators (Raunak, Prateek, Abhisheik, Ankita and Mahesh) for offering this wonderful opportunity to the Youth. Having a concrete experience of problem solving thinking - with concrete challenges the Youth face with the management of their small business - was a great exercise and a nice way to acquire knowledge about a process the Youth could use in their own life.

Overall great experience where the Youth worked in teams, had to discuss, brainstorm, share ideas, check the practicality of their solutions, and had fun at the time.

Thank you so much again for enabling us to empower the Young women of the Training and Development Center of Kathmandu, and for working with us with the Youth for a better future !

King’s College also planned to do a similar workshop for 5 days with the Green Village Kathmandu : lucky them !

NIRU RANA MAGAR (cf. picture below), 22 Year old, Responsibility step, Tinkune koteshwor, Nepal

“Workshop was very good and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner. I truly learned a lot of things in this workshop and enjoyed it as well. I like that double diamond concept to find the best way to solve a problem. I also enjoyed making prototypes and presentation time. I learn about SMART GOALS, how it works and use them in our life.

I am very thankful to you!”

Raunak Chaudhari, Lab Master - DoLAB and Learning Innovation Designer (cf. below)

I think the workshop with LP4Y youth was very engaging both for the participants as well as us as facilitators. It was great to see the youth gradually understand and embrace the self-directed nature of the workshop and to see the shy ones start speaking up by the end of the workshop.

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