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Cu Thi Vang testimony - Hanoi

Cứ Thi Vang

Bread & Smiles Program

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello everyone, my name is Cứ Thi Vang from Muong La district, Son La province.

In 2019, when I graduated from Medical College in Son La, my dream was to improve my English as this is an international language widely used. I wanted to be fluent in English so I can exchange my professional knowledge with international friends and be able to know more about medicines of foreign origin.

I learned about LP4Y on Facebook and found out that this is a 9 months program that can support me to find a job in Hanoï. It was a great opportunity for me to leave my province and achieve my goal.

Since I joined the center, my English has improved a lot. Here I have direct contact with foreign coaches who are very enthusiastic and helped me a lot in the process of learning. I also received additional training in how to use computers and participated in the bakery activity of the center.

I am very happy because not only the center has helped me but also a lot of other youth. We have the opportunity to learn English and look for jobs after completing the program. Everyone can learn as long as we want and try.

After I finished the program, I started to look for a job with the help of the coaches. I was looking for a position of pharmacist in Hanoï. I had a lot of difficulties in applying for jobs because I just graduated from school and I don't have any experience in selling medicine.

In addition, I was born with congenital hemangioma, so half of my face is covered with a birthmark. Due to this condition many pharmacies refused my application or offered me a position as a trainee with no salary. They told me that being a pharmacist involved cosmetology and that it would be difficult for me to sell this kind of product with my disease.

During my job search, I applied to many pharmacies but they all declined my applications. I cried a lot. I told my coach and she gave me some advice. Then I told myself “I am a strong person, I can achieve my dream, there is no need to be in a hurry, eventually, I will overcome my problem ”.

After more than one month of looking for a pharmacist position, I decided to take an opportunity for a job in a restaurant where one of my LP4Y teammates is working.

I decided to stop looking for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies because I want to earn money to have facial surgery. For now, I think it is my only way to have a job in a pharmacy.

Although I do not work as a pharmacist, I will try to fulfill my dream. I hope after I have enough money for my face surgery I will return to being a pharmacist. This is the job I decided to study because I want to learn how to help people, bring the best medicine and knowledge to protect everyone's health care.

I always get the motivation from my family to not give up on my dream even if there are difficulties, even when something unhappy happens. I still try to continue to overcome the difficulties and achieve my dreams in the future. So I want to share with everyone my story and tell them: “If there are any difficulties please don't give up trying. We will be able to do it if I can do it everyone can do it.

I believe that we are all born with our own dreams and difficulties so don't give up when there is trouble, don't give up when no one is helping you because no one is born with everything. Achieve your dream!

Sincerely thank everyone for listening to my story.



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