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Catalyst of Joy: Gratitude

Ganita Pariyar, 20, Management Step,

Green Village Kathmandu, Nepal

There are so many things that I am very grateful for in my life.

I am very grateful,

To my parents for giving me birth in this beautiful world, rearing me ,caring for me unconditionally. Likewise, I am really grateful,

To my parents for their support, their encouragement, strength and undying love.

Similarly, I am more grateful,

For the opportunities of my life that they had provided me to enhance my

qualities and for the betterment of each and every moment of my life.

Moreover I am so grateful,

To my teachers who guided me in enlightening the wisdom, from darkness towards the brightening light.

Again, I feel grateful,

Towards all my mentors, advisers who stayed with me during my ups and down and re-energized me to go further with my smile.

At last I would be the most grateful person,

If I could look after my parents like the way they had always looked after me and would

cherish each and every path with happiness.


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