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Capgemini Impact Together Week

Last October, 150 Youth from all the LP4Y centers benefited from the Capgemini Initiative involving 200 collaborators in the Mock interview practice !

Youth from LP4Y

We would like to warmly thank all the Capgemini collaborators for their time and support during the Impact Together Week 2021. By sharing their expertise, their tips and feedback with the Youth on their interview skills, the volunteers helped them become more confident in pursuing their dreams. They now know how to prepare for an interview and how to behave during and after one. Being able to practice with professionals is crucial for them to understand how to put forward their potential to future employers. It helps them to gain self confidence, to understand the key questions of the interviews and prepare them to have the right posture in front of a HR manager. This exercise really helps them to be ready for their professional integration, the main goal of LP4Y.

Again, thank you for contributing to the empowerment of the Youth. We are glad to partner with companies such as Capgemini to work hand in hand to build a better and inclusive world !

The Impact Together Week is an event organised yearly within Capgemini Teams worldwide where more than 600 collaborators are engaged all together for around 50 organisations, NGOs including LP4Y.

Dexter from the Philippines with Ashma from Japan

“Hi Dexter,

Thank you for your kind note.It was a pleasure meeting you today and hearing about your career aspirations.

I was personally impressed by your dedication and sincerity during our mock Interview session. As I suggested to you during the feedback, you could overshadow your shy nature with your beautiful smile. Your hard-working attitude and behavior reflected on how sincerely you attempted to answer every question, even in times when you were not sure about it’s meaning. It is very important to ask questions when you don’t understand and be confident in what you are speaking about.”

Ashma Koirala, Capgemini Japan.

Sonam Thakur, 18 years old, Management Step, Delhi, Sangam Vihar, India

To Preetom Goswami Capgemini Volunteer - Australia

“Hello dear Preetom, thanks for giving me your time and this great opportunity. Now I know how to give a professional interview and I feel more confident for my job search. In this interview, I learnt more for my career and how to talk about my skills and qualities. I am very thankful to you !”

Sonam Thakur, 18 years old, Management Step, Delhi, Sangam Vihar, India

Manoj Khera, Capgemini Australia and Teena Rai, LP4Y Youth from India

''What a wonderful initiative, our Capgemini Australia & New Zealand team certainly enjoyed the opportunity to get involved - loved seeing your smiling face Manoj KHERA! Thank you Kalyani Joshi for driving and extending opportunities to our team! #impacttogetherweek''

Peta Camillieri, Capgemini Australia

“Thanks a lot Kalyani for leading and driving such wonderful initiative! Will always cherish the experience and look forward for participating in more such events! Hope it helped the youth to preparing themselves better in their career path.”

Aradhana Patra, Capgemini Malaysia

To Vanoj Shamjibhai, Capgemini Volunteer - Malaysia

“Dear sir,

Doing this first mock interview on computer was really challenging for me but I learnt a lot. I was so nervous before taking the interview. I felt not confident at the beginning and was wondering the questions you would ask.

Finally I felt very happy and proud to be able to understand and exchange in full english language. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Sabina Kalikote, 22 years old, Management step, Nepal



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