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Let Soni Magar explain to you how to involve yourself and your team into Solidarities Actions on your Community! With the partner Goyal Group, Youth from the LPC Sinamangal could deliver food to more than 100 families!

Soni Magar, 22 yo, Management step

Life Project Center Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal

My name is Soni Magar. I live in Shantinagar in Kathmandu (Nepal). I arrived in LP4Y in december 2019. After LP4Y I want to join a barista class. There are 10 members in my family : 5 sisters, 2 brothers, my mother, my father and me. Now my family situation is quite complicated. We have trouble regarding food and money, especially to pay the rent of the house.

This is my testimony about distributing food to the community.

We, LP4Y Team, participated in a food distribution to the people as volunteers and I was part of it. First, we made a list of those who weren’t getting food because we got to know that many people were concerned. Then, I went to the ward (Kathmandu is divided into 32 wards which are administrative sections), and asked for information from the leader of the ward. Then he replied that they had already distributed food so after that I didn’t go back there.

While we were making a list again, we met the Urjasil Youth Club (a social club in the community). They asked us “Why are you making a list?” We explained everything. Then, they asked us to get involved in this work. One of our coaches attended a small meeting for everyone and agreed with that decision. Then, together we started to make another list and focus on disabled, pregnant women and widows. Finally we get a list of 110 families. The main leader who invested the money to buy food is Mr. Chirag.

On Tuesday, 19th of May 2020 we started to distribute food following this list. While distributing, one little problem happened because the community didn’t know we made a second survey focusing on the disable people. So, during the distribution they keep asking this question : of misunderstanding and people from the community told us bad things about LP4Y and about the Urjasil Youth Club. People didn’t understand the survey and during the distribution time they asked the question “Why don't all people receive food?”. We explained the situation. Some people understood and helped us to explain to others who didn’t. A local political man helped us a lot. At the end 103 families got food. The food distribution was difficult but I liked to conduct this survey and to learn about the situation of the members of the community. l knew how much people were facing those problems..

And distributing the food with coaches and friends made me learn new things about the situation of different people in the community and new experiences like how to do a survey. Our team also became more united, it was a really great time of teamwork ! The difficulty was when we went to distribute food and that community people misunderstood. I like the most participating in team work. I discovered about myself that I am able to solve problems. I felt good and I am proud of my team.

Chirag Goyal

Executive director of Goyal Group

“I was told about LP4Y and their volunteers by a friend of mine so I contacted them to coordinate regarding relief work they have been doing around town.

The experience of working with them was amazing, they are a bunch of young and energetic individuals who love to interact with the locals and try to figure out their situation and help them accordingly. They were inquisitive in knowing and were trying to understand the locals to help them out.

The experience of working with them was really nice with the research and distribution of food. The Youth identified the real needy ones in the slum areas. Special mention to Jeanne Allard and Valentine Lévy, the volunteers who have been coordinating and documenting all details about the relief work and food distribution done to make sure that it can be coordinated and information can be shared with ward offices around town to avoid duplication and confusion in the future and also helping us with the distribution in different areas. Also, I would like to give a special mention on how they are coaching the youth of Nepal to become the future leaders by letting them take the initiative of local management and data analysis of locals. One of the youth named Soni Magar did an amazing job with filtering the actual families in need from a huge list so that food could be given to the people who require it the most. I am sure these girls will become leaders in their respective areas in the future and work for the development of the society individually.

Youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Wishing the team all the luck in their future endeavors.”

About the Goyal Group :

The Goyal Group is a Nepali company operating in 4 sectors - banking & finance, construction, real estate and heavy equipment.



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